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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Home Theater Edition

    Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Home Theater Edition

    Every household needs decent home theater accessories to go with their TV. This holiday season, get your loved ones the right gifts with these bestselling home theater items. We’ve made it easy for you to find out this year’s must-haves in consumer electronics so you’ll know you’re giving the best. Apple TV Average Price: $99 […]

  • Create better online videos with the YouTube Creator Playbook

    There are two ways you can use YouTube to gain fame and fortune: Create a viral video that gets viewed by millions of people. Create a YouTube channel that drives traffic to your brand over time. Viral videos rely a lot on quirkiness and luck. Despite that randomness, there are some best practices that will […]

  • How to record amazing videos with a point-and-shoot camera

    Let’s say you want to be the next Peter Jackson or George Lucas. That’s far from realistic, but let’s say you just want to be a film-making hobbyist and don’t exactly have the budget for a decent video camera and all of the accompanying equipment. After all, it can literally add up to thousands of dollars. Just […]

  • First Look: Logitech Revue with Google TV

    Editor’s note: I am joined at the end of this article by software engineer Chris Finke, who was kind enough to share his experiences integrating Google TV with his Tivo.  Both Chris and I won our Logitech Revues through a developer contest held by Google. The Logitech Revue with Google TV is Google’s first foray into […]

  • First Impressions: DivX HiQ Web Player 2.1 BETA

    The DivX team hopes to impress again, providing users with the highest quality video for their PC – this time taking aim at YouTube and other top video sites.  Some big features the DivX Labs are working into their newest web player are support for MP4 and MOV files, HTML5 support, and interoperability like decoding […]

  • Netflix Will Soon Stream Newly-Released Movies Months Earlier

    I’ve been using Netflix Instant Watch as a replacement for cable TV for the last two years, and I haven’t looked back since making the switch.  Instant Watch has been a great way to get movies and TV shows quickly, and with the rapid expansion of available content and compatible devices, it’s prime time to […]

  • YouTube Launches Online Video Editor, Lets You Quickly Edit Videos Without Installing Software

    In the last several years we’ve seen a tremendous move in software development away from the desktop computer and into the internet’s “cloud”.  Standard desktop applications like email and word processors have effortlessly made the jump to your browser instead of your desktop, freeing you from installing software and many of them are often available […]

  • Google Chrome Tip: How to Give Streaming Videos a Movie Theater Experience

    Do you like online streaming video sites?  Me too.  I could probably spend all day watching videos of baby puppies, the hilarious auto-tuned news, or that cat that couldn’t quite jump over the baby fence. If you want to enjoy these videos and tune out the extra stuff, the Turn Off the Lights extension for […]

  • Turn Your Digital Media into Web Video with Stupeflix Studio

    French startup Stupeflix has just launched Stupeflix Studio which aims to turn your digital media into something more meaningful.  Stupeflix Studio lets you easily create web videos from your own pictures and videos to showcase your digital artwork, create scrapbooks, or send personal video greetings. To get started, create a free account and you’ll be […]

  • Hulu Desktop Lets You Watch TV Online Without The Browser

    Hulu – the mega-popular TV and movie streaming site backed by NBC, Fox, and others – has just launched a desktop application for both Windows and Mac that allows you to stream all Hulu content on your PC. Hulu Desktop adds support for Windows Media Center and Apple remotes, which will allow you to treat […]