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  • Create Goo.gl Shortened URLs in your Browser – Now without Google Toolbar

    Full-length URLs have nearly become an internet faux pas since the advent of sites like Twitter where character restrictions reign supreme.  Sending a normal URL in a tweet is the digital equivalent of tripping over your own shoelaces, and most people have adopted a “favorite” URL shortening service like bit.ly, tinyurl, or is.gd. Google recently […]

  • Block Distracting Sites with LeechBlock

    Firefox only:  Having a hard time focusing at work?  Do you compulsively check websites while your to-do list is growing?  We can be our own worst enemies when work needs to be done and things like Facebook and RSS feeds are at our fingertips. LeechBlock is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to block […]

  • Essential Add-ons for Firefox #3: Netbook Edition

    In the third edition of our Essential Add-ons for Firefox series, I’ll be showing you how to maximize your usable workspace in Firefox.  This is especially useful for netbooks, which have small displays and typically offer a very limited amount of vertical space. The goal of this guide is to free up as much vertical […]

  • Essential Add-ons for Firefox #2: Socialite Edition

    In the second installment of Techerator’s Essential Add-ons for Firefox series, I’ll be covering add-ons that help unleash the social maven deep inside of you.  Whether you’re the core of your internet social circle or just want to use your email and Twitter better, this guide will give you the tools to use your browser […]

  • Essential Add-ons for Firefox #1: Power User Edition

    One of the most useful features of Firefox are add-ons, small applications that can add new functionality to the browser or change its appearance.  Unfortunately, there are literally thousands of add-ons available, meaning that many of the good ones get lost in the noise. In part one of our featured Essential Add-ons for Firefox series, […]

  • Browse Safer: Expand Shortened URLs

    URL shorteners are everywhere, and have exploded in popularity with sites like Twitter that have a character limit per message.  While URL shortening services provide a great way to share links quickly with friends – there is also a significant security risk of being sent to a malicious website.  For example, check out this great […]

  • Keep Your Inbox Spam-Free with TrashMail

    I’m not comfortable giving out my email address freely on the internet, but many websites require a valid email address when registering.  While this is typically harmless, it does open you up to the potential for spam – and who wants that? TrashMail lets you sneak past compulsory email registration by generating a disposable email […]

  • Aviary Makes Online Image Capturing and Editing Easy

    One problem I have come across again and again online has been the struggle of how to capture screenshots of web pages to show my friends, co-workers, or family.  Stumbling upon the relatively new Aviary.com was the solution to that very problem.  Aviary.com is one of the most significant websites I’ve seen in a while.  […]

  • Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts with Google Account Multi-Login

    Firefox only:  If you’re like me, you have multiple Gmail accounts and wish there was a quicker way to switch between them in the Gmail web interface.  With the Google Account Multi-Login script for Greasemonkey, you can do just that. Step One – Prerequisites: To enable this feature, you’ll first need to be using Firefox […]

  • Become a Facebook Power User with Facebook Fixer

    Sure,  you know how to use Facebook pretty well – but there are dozens of features you can add to the popular social networking site with Firefox and Greasemonkey scripts.  Greasemonkey is an add-on for Firefox that lets you enhance webpages with user generated scripts, and can enable features in Facebook like: Enlarging profile pictures […]