Author: Reis Pritchard

  • Easily Share Photos this Holiday Season with

    It’s very likely you will be surrounded by loved ones with itchy camera trigger fingers this Christmas.  The amount of picture-taking will be incalculable, as everyone is locked and loaded with gigabytes to spare on their cameras.  But after the party is over, and the ‘awkward smile’ pictures are removed, you will be left with […]

  • First Impressions: DivX HiQ Web Player 2.1 BETA

    The DivX team hopes to impress again, providing users with the highest quality video for their PC – this time taking aim at YouTube and other top video sites.  Some big features the DivX Labs are working into their newest web player are support for MP4 and MOV files, HTML5 support, and interoperability like decoding […]

  • How Secure is Your Password?

    Never before has a website been so blatantly obvious and honest in it’s function. asks that very simple question;  it’s response is something more or less dramatic, depending on what you type in.  The capital letters are kind of goofy, but it definitely works with the site’s straight-forward approach to telling you how secure […]

  • New Silverlight-based Facebook Client Impresses

    I really don’t care for out-of-browser clients for my internet services.  They are typically a sluggish waste of time, instead of an extension of what I like about its browser-based counterpart. Luckily, the Silverlight 4 Facebook Client is very useful and less of a pest (Silverlight is a Microsoft technology for creating interactive applications, similar […]

  • Newsflash: Steam Beta Now Open

    Attention gamers: The Steam client is now in beta for the new user interface.  You can choose to use the beta client by going to settings and choosing UI Update under the Beta Participation section.  You will be asked to restart Steam as the update is applied. So far the new UI is looking nice […]

  • Windows 7 Secret: ‘GodMode’

    Some are calling it the “ultimate control panel”, but what does the new, secretive Windows 7 ‘GodMode’ do? The foxy-sounding name is a little deceiving, because as far as we know, it is exactly what people are calling it – a glorified control panel.  However, that goes without saying how useful this feature actually is. […]

  • FlockDraw: Real-time, Collaborative Drawing

    Drawing has been a medium for communicating ideas since the beginning of time, probably because of it’s simplicity.  That’s the idea behind FlockDraw. FlockDraw is an amazing online application from Dan Blake (a founder of the equally simple and Ryan Hile.  The purpose is to bring collaborative, real-time drawing to the internet. Like TinyChat, […]

  • Half Life Mod ‘Black Mesa’ to Release This Year?

    Gamers have been very patient regarding the release of Half Life 2: Episode 3, which is expected to be the final installment of the Half Life saga.  If you’re a big Half Life fan eagerly waiting for that installment, I unfortunately don’t have any special news to report.  However, if you’re looking for something to […]

  • Game Review: Goldeneye: Source (PC)

    “Hey! Wanna come over and play some GoldenEye?” There was never a negative response to that question when I was younger.  GoldenEye 007 is always the first game that comes to mind whenever I get into a nostalgic conversation about how awesome the Nintendo 64 was growing up.  Kids my age had birthday parties that […]

  • Review: Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset

    Logitech is a big name when it comes to PC accessories, so looking for a headset with their name on it was what introduced me to the Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset.  I read through dozens of reviews for this headset, and collected the same basic good and bad points from each website.  Now that […]