How Secure is Your Password?

Never before has a website been so blatantly obvious and honest in it’s function. asks that very simple question;  it’s response is something more or less dramatic, depending on what you type in.  The capital letters are kind of goofy, but it definitely works with the site’s straight-forward approach to telling you how secure (or insecure) your password may be.

“This seems far too simple…something’s not right.”

Wrong.  The website is entirely safe to use, for your personal benefit only.  The creator, Mark Wales, assures you won’t be in any trouble in using the site – and he confirms your safety with the same light humor that the base page gives off.

It’s not hard to find anything you might be concerned about, it’s all below the text box when the field is empty.  The source code is also provided as a little bonus, so feel free to check it out! (Also notice how similar his favicon is to Techerator’s. Great minds think alike?)

Click here to read his rather funny FAQ.  And please, use his link below (or here) for Choosing A Secure Password if you’re given this notice:

"asdf" FOR LIFE!






6 responses to “How Secure is Your Password?”

  1. Jonathan Paul Avatar

    About 565,892,495,532 nonillion years. Results for my home network WPA2 key.


  2.  Avatar

    Impressive. I should almost make a note in the article that bragging rights are available in the comments section, haha. (Wimpy 42 trillion years here.)

  3. Jonathan Paul Avatar

    63 ASCII characters (maximum length for WPA) randomly generated (or as close as you can get with an algorithm). I think my master password was something like 42 octillion years.


  4. Jonathan Paul Avatar

    Meant this to be a reply. ^^^

  5. Dustin Patterson Avatar

    Jeesh, I feel sorry for anyone visitors who want to use your wireless.

  6. Jonathan Paul Avatar

    I have the password on my flashdrive in a .txt file. Once again physical access…


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