Author: Reis Pritchard

  • Aviary Makes Online Image Capturing and Editing Easy

    One problem I have come across again and again online has been the struggle of how to capture screenshots of web pages to show my friends, co-workers, or family.  Stumbling upon the relatively new was the solution to that very problem. is one of the most significant websites I’ve seen in a while.  […]

  • How To: Securely Erase Your Hard Drive Using DBAN

    It’s likely that at some point in time, you will either sell your computer or install a new operating system on your current machine.  In either situation, it’s recommended that you wipe your hard drive clean of any and all information. Most people will tell you to format your computer because it deletes everything from the […]

  • Newsflash: Windows 7 Pre-Orders Start June 26

    Starting June 26th, the Microsoft offers page will have a list of retailers offering a pre-order of Windows 7 so you can get a copy before anybody else at half price.   If you want to be put on the pre-order list be sure to act fast, because Microsoft says quantities will be limited. Not sure […]

  • How To: Try Ubuntu Using Wubi

    Many people are interested in trying Ubuntu – a popular Linux distribution – but are unfamiliar with terms such as “partition” and “dual-boot” and how to perform those actions on their systems.  Although partitioning a drive is reasonably simple, it’s not always the best or easiest choice to make when deciding to install Ubuntu on […]

  • Keep Your Desktop Organized with Fences

    How many times have you had projects, temporary Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or other “junk-yet-necessary” items on your computer’s desktop combined with shortcuts for Firefox, Messenger, Windows Media, or iTunes?  Why is it so hard to keep organized each one of these items? Many people search through their desktops covered with this smorgasbord of different […]