Author: Jen Ireland

  • Meet Uber, your on-demand private driver

    Meet Uber, your on-demand private driver

    Thanks to the Uber app for iOS and Android, gone are the days of standing outside trying to hail a cab or find a car service. I was recently in San Francisco for work and I met a friend for dinner across town. We were about to leave, and I said to her, “I really […]

  • 10 great iOS apps to grow and manage a business

    As apps become more prevalent and more powerful, businesses are relying on these savvy tools to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly. Slideshark This free app handily shows Powerpoint presentations and it displays your notes when you run your slideshow. It’s also a breeze to get your presentations into SlideShark; you can upload […]

  • How to rip DVDs to your iPad

    Watching movies or TV episodes is probably one of the top things most people do with the iPad. You can rent or purchase movies through iTunes, but what if you want to watch a DVD on your iPad that you already own? You can convert your existing movies into a file format that is iPad friendly.There […]

  • Manage your gift cards with Gyft app

    Manage your gift cards with Gyft app

    Gift cards can be a convenient gift for the holidays, but who likes carrying around all those useless, environmentally unfriendly plastic rectangles? Certainly not me, which is why the free application Gyft is perfect, an application that not only aggregates our gift cards, but allows us to buy and gift others with gift cards from a variety of major […]

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Home Theater Edition

    Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Home Theater Edition

    Every household needs decent home theater accessories to go with their TV. This holiday season, get your loved ones the right gifts with these bestselling home theater items. We’ve made it easy for you to find out this year’s must-haves in consumer electronics so you’ll know you’re giving the best. Apple TV Average Price: $99 […]

  • What’s new in Evernote 5 for Mac

    What’s new in Evernote 5 for Mac

    Evernote for Mac recently received a new look and user-friendly interface in its latest update. The left panel has been updated with new options, including Shortcuts for quick access to favorite notes, notebooks, tags, and saved searches.The sidebar also includes a list of recent notes, and views of your notebooks and tags. The Notes, Notebooks, Tags, and […]

  • Is the 4th generation iPad worth the upgrade?

    Is the 4th generation iPad worth the upgrade?

    Apple’s announcement of the 4th generation iPad (officially named “iPad with Retina Display”) on October 23 was a big surprise to consumers; just a mere 6 months ago the 3rd generation was introduced basically now making that obsolete. As expected this annoyed recent iPad buyers who thought they had time before a new introduction. Many consumers […]

  • Top 5 Free Antivirus Software for Windows

    Antivirus software provides essential protection for your PC from virus, trojan, spyware, worm, adware, root kit and key logger infections. One of these nasty infections could expose key personal information or stop your computer from working. As powerful as the web is, it is also a very dangerous place. However, installing antivirus software does not […]

  • Stay connected with shared iCloud calendars

    Keeping track of family members’ busy schedules can always be a challenge, but it can be easier by sharing calendars via Apple’s iCloud. Listed below are ways an iCloud-using family can stay connected. Set up an iCloud Account First make sure your device is running the latest iOS version If you did not set up […]

  • Ask Techerator: Can I copy photos from my iPad to an external hard drive?

    As the popularity of Apple’s mobile devices like the iPad continues to increase, consumers are looking at ways to replace their personal computers for an iPad. This frequently raises a question: Is there a way to connect an external drive to the iPad to transfer photos? The short answer is no you cannot directly connect […]