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  • Words with Friends is Mobile Gaming Perfection

    Saturday night. Relaxing at a friend’s house. Dinner is over, and we are all sitting around the dining table. The room is strangely quiet. Everyone at the table has a look of intense concentration, and the only sounds are the occasional shrills and pings produced by our various laptops and smartphones. No, this isn’t a […]

  • Create better online videos with the YouTube Creator Playbook

    There are two ways you can use YouTube to gain fame and fortune: Create a viral video that gets viewed by millions of people. Create a YouTube channel that drives traffic to your brand over time. Viral videos rely a lot on quirkiness and luck. Despite that randomness, there are some best practices that will […]

  • Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter, the world laughs

    I never thought I’d live to see the day Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter. But it’s happened. And it’s wildly entertaining watching the most-famous n00b in the world try to get his head around the micro-blogging social network. Long may it continue. Rupe Is No Dupe If a celebrity or famous face isn’t on Twitter then […]

  • BrandMyMail mashes your email and social networks together

    BrandMyMail mashes your email and social networks together

    There are two types of email you can send: Text or HTML. Text is just the words. No colors. No photos. No layouts. HTML is basically a web page sent through email servers. For most of us, it really doesn’t matter when we send email. We just type, and the resulting HTML-formatted email is a […]

  • “Batch” is the ultimate mobile photo sharing app for iPhone

    In the smart phone era, everyone is an amateur photographer. Equipped with high-def capabilities and nearly bottomless storage, we produce a lot of photos on a daily basis which we’ve opted to share individually on Twitter or in bulk on Facebook. The problem is that sharing full albums with friends requires a bit of effort […]

  • Why Ashton Kutcher, aka “aplusk”, hates Twitter

    I can’t say I’ve ever been a particular fan of Ashton Kutcher. But his erroneous, ill-informed tweet and subsequent throwing of toys out of his Twitter-branded pram has me thinking he’s an absolute idiot. In a nutshell: Kutcher claims to have heard about the firing of Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno in passing […]

  • Google+ Pages for Businesses — the Good and Bad

    Google just announced that Google+ Pages for Businesses are here, finally allowing a flood of brands and celebrities to create yet another social network outlet for interacting with customers and fans. At a glance, Google+Pages is shockingly simple and seems to offer almost no difference from the standard profile all users get upon joining, but […]

  • Oink Has Arrived — Let the Social Ranking Experiment Begin

    After Kevin Rose’s exit from Digg, he quickly formed a team with the goal of creating apps that would challenge the conventional social/mobile experience. He called his venture Milk, and less than a year later Oink is being unleashed among the masses. Oink is a social ranking app for the iPhone and web that encourages […]

  • Diaspora Seeks Donations, PayPal Freezes Account

    Diaspora Seeks Donations, PayPal Freezes Account

      UPDATE: After some prodding and community outcry, PayPal released Diaspora’s account. Remember Diaspora? The group of NYU students that asked for $15,000 on Kickstarter.com to create a decentralized alternative to Facebook, and made headlines when they garnered a shocking $200,000 instead? Yeah, they’re still around, and to my surprise, they have some pretty cool stuff to […]

  • Real-Time Search and Improved Hashtags Now Supported in Google+

    Vic Gundotra, the mind behind much of Google+, made a rare video appearance recently to show off two new features that will keep Facebook on its toes and probably elicit a disgusted groan from Twitter. Real-time search and improved support for hashtags will help Google+ contend with the established utility of Twitter by allowing users […]