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  • When Twitter Goes Bad: Celebrity Promotion

    I don’t believe Twitter was conceived as a tool for celebrities to voice their opinions and promote their latest moneymaking venture, but that seems to be what it has become. And I’m sick of it, quite frankly. I know, I know, I can just unfollow the handful of celebrities I currently receive tweets from, but […]

  • Louis C.K. Invokes the Power of the Bootlegger on Twitter

    Louis C.K. Invokes the Power of the Bootlegger on Twitter

    Louis C.K. knows how to treat people; particularly, people who illegally record and (probably) intend to share his shows online. After a recent show in Ashville, NC, Louis posted this to Twitter: Naturally, most bootleggers wouldn’t respond to such a request fearing repercussions. Louis tried to dispel any distrust by quickly following with this: It didn’t […]

  • Facebook’s Timeline: Life flashing before your eyes has never been so awesome

    Facebook’s new Timeline profiles start rolling out to the public today. Many users were able to preview the new profiles early through Facebook’s Developer program, so I’ve already had a week to play around with Timeline. You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about its “great design” or “privacy nightmare”, so what’s all the fuss […]

  • Facebook Unveils New Features at F8 Developer Conference

    Today at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced some new features that will be making their way to users sometime in the future. Most notable is something called the Timeline, which will take all the status updates from everyone and organize them in an iPad-style magazine of sorts. To keep it from becoming too cluttered, […]

  • Why Klout Has No Clout

    You have no doubt seen people boasting of their Klout score, and how they’re specialists in their chosen field of interest and able to influence dozens of people on certain subjects. You may even have a Klout score yourself, whether you actually chose to be involved with the social media startup or not. It’s a […]

  • “Replies and more for Google+” Adds Awesome Features to Google+

    Chrome web browser: Like many of you, I’ve been having a great time playing around with Google+ for the last week. Because it’s so new – let’s not forget that it’s still in a beta field trial – engineers at Google have been tweaking and changing things like crazy in response to user feedback. This […]

  • TweetDeck for Chrome is a Flexible, Lightweight Version of its Desktop Counterpart

    TweetDeck Desktop is arguably one of the best desktop Twitter clients for power users. It offers endless columns of information, multiple account support, and many features that Twitter itself had to copy. This app can basically do it all, and might even be getting purchased for $50 million by Twitter. My only major complaint is […]

  • Add a Splash of Color to Your Twitter Background (and clothing and walls, too!)

    If you’re like many of my Twitter friends, or about 70% of the Techerator staff, you have a default Twitter background. There’s nothing wrong with it, unless you want the same unique look as 80 million other people in the Twitterverse. There’s the option to cruise Google or Bing for wallpapers large and shapely enough […]

  • How to not suck at Facebook Questions

    You probably noticed Questions popping up on your Facebook News Feed, which quickly turned into “Which Backstreet Boy is the hottest?”, “What state is the best?”, and “Which Arena Football team east of the Mississippi, but South of the Mason Dixon Line has the best cheerleaders?”.

  • Three simple ways to back up your tweets

    If you use Twitter, you probably know how difficult if can be to find a tweet that you posted a couple of weeks ago or more. Maybe it was a pithy quote. Or maybe it was a link to an interesting article or website. But once those 140 characters get mixed up in that sea […]