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  • How to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader and open PDFs in your browser instead

    Over the last few months, I’ve been aggressively pursuing ways to remove my dependence on 3rd-party plugins. Every time I read about a massive security exploit in software like Java and various Adobe products I think to myself, “Why am I putting myself at risk by keeping this software installed?” PDF documents aren’t going anywhere, […]

  • Adobe kills Flash for mobile in favor of HTML5

    That’s it, folks. Adobe Flash Player for mobile devices has officially packed up its bags and walked out the door never to be seen again. Of course, Flash for desktop operating systems will live on (and probably not all that well), but Adobe has decided that Flash on mobile devices just isn’t in the cards. […]

  • Google’s Swiffy Converts SWF Files to HTML5

    Amidst of all the recent announcements from Google comes a lesser-known feature that’s available now in Google Labs. It’s a small service called Swiffy, and it will convert SWF (the file format for Flash) files into HTML5 versions for use in most modern browsers like Chrome and Safari. Google says the process works by first […]

  • Holiday Gift Ideas: President of Adobe Edition

    Getting the right present for a special person can be a real challenge, and finding the perfect gift for President and CEO of Adobe Systems Incorporated Shantanu Narayen is no exception.  This holiday season, let’s give back to Adobe what they have so generously given to us – unnecessary icons all over our desktops. (In […]

  • How to Install Adobe Reader Without Installing Adobe DLM (Download Manager) Browser Plugin

    As a quick follow-up to my previous article about installing Flash player without installing Adobe’s DLM browser plugin, I’ll cover how to avoid installing this unnecessary intermediary software when installing Adobe Reader. If you didn’t read my previous article, here’s what you need to know: Adobe DLM is a “download manager” plugin that is installed […]

  • How to Install Adobe Flash Player Without Installing Adobe’s DLM (Download Manager) Browser Plugin

    Most of us use Adobe Flash, that’s simply a fact of the internet.  YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, and dozens of other sites currently use Flash to provide you with interactive media and applications, and until HTML5 (hopefully) gives us a viable alternative, we’re stuck with it in many ways. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t […]

  • Important Adobe Update Available, But There’s a Catch – You Might Need to Update Manually

    It’s only been a few weeks since I wrote my last article about an update that patched 32 critical security holes in Adobe software, but here I am again.  Since you’re all my internet buddies, I’d like to let you know that Adobe just released a new patch for their software but it might only […]

  • Time To Update! Adobe Flash Player Patch Fixes 32 Security Holes

    Do you like websites that utilize Adobe Flash Player technology like Hulu and YouTube?  Do you simultaneously dislike having your computer hacked without your knowledge?  Well, do I have some important information for you! A patch for Adobe Flash Player was recently released which patches 32 security vulnerabilities in a recent version of the application, […]

  • Fix: Adobe AIR Apps Crash After Upgrading to Fedora 12

    After upgrading your system to Fedora 12, you may notice that some of your Adobe AIR applications no longer load properly.  The problem may persist even after you have reinstalled both Adobe AIR and the individual Adobe AIR applications. An error you may receive when installing the AIR applications is shown below: Application crashed with […]

  • Adobe and NVIDIA Collaborating on GPU Acceleration for Flash

    Adobe and NVIDIA announced today that GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration will be included in future releases of the Adobe Flash Player.  Both Adobe and NVIDIA are part of the Open Screen Project, a collaborative project intended to bring rich internet applications to the desktop by taking advantage of the full capabilities of Adobe Flash.  […]