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  • GIVEAWAY: Win a 3 month subscription of Slacker Premium Radio

    Only a few years ago, I couldn’t see an end to the music piracy/RIAA debacle. It would go something like this: A new music sharing application would emerge, it would be promptly used for illegal activities, and then the RIAA would roll in and hand out lawsuits which usually ended in the service being shut […]

  • Subsonic: Now Able to Stream Movies and Videos

    I previously wrote an article introducing you to Subsonic, the open-source, cross-platform software that can be used to stream your personal music library anywhere across the internet. In the time since that article, few changes have occurred to Subsonic.  But recently, a feature was added that really puts Subsonic at the top of my list […]

  • Getting Started with Android: Memos and Streaming Radio Stations

    There’s a good chance that (like most people) when you wonder “Hey, I wonder if there’s an app for that on my phone…”, you immediately go to the app market and search for it. Now if you are like me, instead of searching for an app, you will ask one of your friends who knows […]

  • MLB.TV: It’s That Time of Year Again

    MLB.TV allows sports fans to stream any out-of-market game during the regular season over the internet. For an arguably reasonable price of $120, fans of America’s Pastime have the entire league at their fingertips, in their living rooms, at the airport, at work, or anywhere else you can imagine.

  • First Look: Logitech Revue with Google TV

    Editor’s note: I am joined at the end of this article by software engineer Chris Finke, who was kind enough to share his experiences integrating Google TV with his Tivo.  Both Chris and I won our Logitech Revues through a developer contest held by Google. The Logitech Revue with Google TV is Google’s first foray into […]

  • Evolve Your Living Room with a DLNA HDTV and Windows Media Player

    It’s a fact: Gone are the days that homes are built with computer rooms and family/living rooms in their floor plans.  The future of sit-down family entertainment is here, and dear lord its about time.  This month, my family decided to purchase a nice, new Samsung Series 6 6300 LED TV and a brand new […]

  • Stream Music, Create Playlists, and Save the Party for Free with Grooveshark

    Here is the situation: You’re at a party – the girls want to dance and your buddy wants to fist pump like a champ – but no one has any music. You spot an iPod in the corner and take a look at the selection, but all you see are 90’s boy bands and a […]

  • Netflix Will Soon Stream Newly-Released Movies Months Earlier

    I’ve been using Netflix Instant Watch as a replacement for cable TV for the last two years, and I haven’t looked back since making the switch.  Instant Watch has been a great way to get movies and TV shows quickly, and with the rapid expansion of available content and compatible devices, it’s prime time to […]

  • How To: Stream Media From Your PC to Your PS3

    While Sony’s Playstation 3 is viewed mainly as a video game console, it can also serve as a great streaming media center with a little extra software. Using the aptly named PS3 Media Server, it’s incredibly easy to serve up music and video straight to your PS3 from your computer. The first step in getting […]

  • Subsonic: The Ultimate Way To Stream Your Music Library

    Subsonic is free, open-source, and cross-platform software that allows you to easily stream your music library to any flash-enabled web browser and many portable devices.  Subsonic features a powerful and user-friendly interface that offers a high amount of customization. In this guide, I’ll show you some of the main features of Subsonic. Cross-platform Support One […]