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  • Time to Upgrade: Google Ending Support for Internet Explorer 6 Soon

    Google recently announced that as of March 1st, 2010, they will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 6 in their web applications, starting with Google Docs and Google Sites.  It’s safe to assume that many of their other web applications will soon follow, as they promise that this year will be a “great year for […]

  • Using Speedfan To Check Your Computer’s Hardware Status

    I previously wrote how to use Speedfan to check your hard drive’s S.M.A.R.T information, but checking the health of your hard drive is actually a secondary feature of the Speedfan software.  Its main purpose is to provide you the real-time statuses of your hardware. Speedfan is free software for Windows that allows users to access […]

  • Create Custom Application Groups in Windows 7 with Jumplist Launcher

    One of the most noticeable additions to Windows 7 is the new Windows taskbar.  Not only does it group multiple application windows together, it also features “Jump Lists” which are quick-access menus that can be activated by right clicking a program’s icon. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to a program called Jumplist-Launcher which allows […]

  • Staff Picks: Top Web Apps and Software of 2009

    Many great web applications and software emerged in 2009, so the staff at Techerator put together a list of their favorite or most used applications of 2009.  Let us know about your favorite software of 2009 in the comments at the bottom! Evan Wondrasek Gmail – I’ve been using Gmail for a few years, but […]

  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your PC

    With the start of a new year fast approaching, many people are making personal New Year’s resolutions such as to lose a few pounds or save some extra money.  Your PC is also looking for changes this New Year.  Here are 5 simple New Year’s Resolutions for your PC. 1) Upgrade your web browser Upgrading […]

  • How to Prevent Automatic Windows Restarts

    Windows sometimes requires a restart when important updates are installed.  Unfortunately, some updates are so important that Windows performs automatic restarts after a set period of time, meaning the unsaved work you left open before you went to bed could be lost when Windows forces itself to restart. So here are a few things I […]

  • Windows 7 Officially Releases Today

    Windows 7, Microsoft’s newest operating system and successor to the ill-famed Windows Vista, was released today after becoming the biggest pre-order product of all time on Amazon UK.  You may have already been following as we showed you how to install Windows 7 on a virtual machine, how to dual boot Windows 7 with your […]

  • How to Partition Your Hard Drive with Easeus Partition Master

    Most hard drives come with multiple partitions – which can be thought of as individual hard drives within your main hard drive – to separate a hard drive into multiple sections.  Partitions are very useful if you want to separate your operating system from your documents (allows for easier OS reinstallation), and most manufacturers include […]

  • How to Automatically Install the Newest Version of Firefox in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

    It can take quite a while for updated versions of software to make it to Ubuntu’s illustrious software repository (the software must be customized and approved before it can be listed) – which has left Firefox users hanging for months waiting for it to be updated to version 3.5+.  Mozilla doesn’t offer the easy-to-use .deb […]

  • Use Pandora Without a Browser with OpenPandora

    Pandora Radio, the online radio station that creates personalized stations based on your musical tastes, can be used outside of pandora.com with the open-source application OpenPandora.  OpenPandora is a quick download (700 kb) and gives you all of the standard functionality of Pandora Radio with several additional features. Hide to Tray with Full Control OpenPandora […]