Create Custom Application Groups in Windows 7 with Jumplist Launcher

One of the most noticeable additions to Windows 7 is the new Windows taskbar.  Not only does it group multiple application windows together, it also features “Jump Lists” which are quick-access menus that can be activated by right clicking a program’s icon.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to a program called Jumplist-Launcher which allows you to create custom application groups using Jump Lists.

Using Jumplist-Launcher

Jumplist-Launcher is a free download for Windows 7 and requires no installation.  Even better, Jumplist-Launcher doesn’t even have to be running once you’ve created your custom application groups!

When you open Jumplist-Launcher, you’ll see a screen where you can create Groups which will become the subsections of your custom list.  You can create multiple groups with folders and files just like in Windows Explorer, and you can also simply drag and drop shortcuts into the program.

Once you’re finished creating your list just click the Update Jumplist button and you’ll be set.  Right clicking the Jumplist-Launcher icon in the taskbar will display your custom list, and you can select Pin this program to taskbar to make sure it’s always available.

The only small problem I’ve had with Jumplist-Launcher is that some of the menus are in German and haven’t been translated to English.  When in doubt, click Abbrechen (cancel)!

[Download Jumplist-Launcher] (Note: the download file is compressed as a .RAR so you’ll need a free program like 7-zip to open it)

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3 responses to “Create Custom Application Groups in Windows 7 with Jumplist Launcher”

  1. Arthur Avatar

    So Evan, is there a way I can create a project desktop? I want to one-click and have my web editor (old Homesite) my css editor (Aptana) my file manager (Powerdesk 8) and an image browser (Irfanview) all open at once in my last saved positions on my 2 monitors with my last files open so I can go right back to work without having to fuss my way back into my last desktop?  Thanks.

    1. Evan Wondrasek Avatar

      Off the top of my head, an easy way to do this would be to create a .bat script to launch each of these applications. These scripts are pretty simplistic though, so you could look into using Windows PowerShell ( ) to get more advanced functionality.

      1. Arthur Avatar

        Interesting. I didn’t know about Powershell. It could work but I don’t have time and inclination to learn it enough to develop something. I know nothing about Mac or Linux abilities. Surely there’s something so obvious out there as a developed feature for Windows! Or at least an open source script. I have graphics and cad apps that allow you to save 2-monitor desktops within the application. It’s not a really big deal to reopen everything from a desktop folder and most can open in last-saved positions and content. Just annoying, like getting your tools out to go to work. Why not one-click? Save positions and close all, do other business, and one click open all as saved. With 2 monitors, 8 gigs of memory and fast processors increasingly common on working desktops, it’s not a resource issue. It would even be good on a laptop – any time work is interrupted. Thanks.

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