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  • Droid X: This is one hard phone to find (without a preorder) [Updated]

    Update 07/22/10: I’ve spoken to Verizon reps at corporate stores across the Minneapolis metropolitan area and they have reported that the Droid X is sold out in all stores across the nation.  They explained that the only way to currently get the phone is to order it from Verizon online, which should start shipping on […]

  • Opera Web Browser: Fighting Back With Version 10.50

    Many people are aware of the instant popularity of the Google Chrome web browser, taking just over 3% of the browser market share upon its release.  Opera, a competitor in the web browser market since 1996, has only achieved a 2% market share in the past 14 years.  The Opera developers aim to get back […]

  • What’s New in Firefox 3.6

    Today marks the release of the latest version of the Firefox web browser – Firefox 3.6  Some changes to the popular web browser have come about in the latest release, and are outlined below. Lightweight themes Included in Firefox 3.6 are lightweight themes, also known as Personas.  When using Personas, users will have the ability […]

  • Fedora 12 “Constantine” Released Today

    Today marks the release date of the newest version of Fedora Linux distribution — Fedora 12.  Codenamed “Constantine”, Fedora 12 marks the newest release in a long line of Fedora versions. Features Some features included in this new release are listed below: Gnome 2.28 Change to i686 architecture Improved webcam support Fedora Studio PackageKit Browser […]

  • Windows 7 Officially Releases Today

    Windows 7, Microsoft’s newest operating system and successor to the ill-famed Windows Vista, was released today after becoming the biggest pre-order product of all time on Amazon UK.  You may have already been following as we showed you how to install Windows 7 on a virtual machine, how to dual boot Windows 7 with your […]

  • Fedora 11 “Leonidas” Released Today

    The Fedora Project has released the next version of the Fedora Linux distribution — Fedora 11.  After the release date was pushed back two times due to last minute bugs (Bug #1, Bug #2) Fedora 11 – code name “Leonidas” – is now available for download. Features Some features included in this new release are […]

  • Want To Try Windows 7? Install it on a Virtual Machine

    With the public release of Windows 7 RC, many software developers and tech enthusiasts are flocking to the download site to get their hands on the highly anticipated successor to Windows Vista. Many individuals downloading the Windows 7 RC have extra systems that are dedicated for software development and application testing.  But what if you […]

  • Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” Released

    Ubuntu – currently the world’s most popular Linux distribution – released it’s newest version today named “Jaunty Jackalope” which offers some major improvements over previous versions.  Available in desktop, server, and netbook editions, Ubuntu 9.04 offers faster boot-up times (23 seconds on a solid state drive!), better device compatibility, and new software such as Firefox […]