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  • Google To Acquire Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion

    Despite being a small contender in the mobile market with only a 3% market share and a net loss of $56 million in Q2 2011, Motorola Mobility (Motorola’s handset division) is being acquired by Google for a cool $12.5 billion. Of course, it has to pass through the government and Motorola’s shareholders first, but if […]

  • Motorola Atrix – The Future of Mobile Computing

    Motorola Atrix – The Future of Mobile Computing

    With practically everything available at our fingertips via smartphone, “What could the mobile market possibly do next?” I thought. We have 1 GHz processors in most new smart phones, an incredibly powerful, ever-growing Android OS, the simple and beautiful iOS 4, turn-by-turn navigation, mobile Google Docs, 4G wireless connections, video chat, 720p video recording, 1080p video […]

  • Simple Droid X Hack Can Greatly Improve Call Quality

    There are many reasons why the audio quality of mobile phones isn’t great. One simple, but fixable reason is that the phone is most likely configured to use an outdated voice encoder algorithm by default. Luckily for us, Motorola includes hidden programming menus in most of its phones where we can adjust advanced settings like voice […]

  • Droid X: That “Pull” Tab Behind the Battery Cover is for Battery Removal, Don’t Tear it Out!

    After a few delays, I was finally able to get my hands on Motorola’s new 4.3″ Android smartphone, the Droid X.  This is a really impressive phone, but there is one thing you need to watch out for when you first use it: the “Pull” tab is not meant to be removed! Before you insert […]

  • Droid X: This is one hard phone to find (without a preorder) [Updated]

    Update 07/22/10: I’ve spoken to Verizon reps at corporate stores across the Minneapolis metropolitan area and they have reported that the Droid X is sold out in all stores across the nation.  They explained that the only way to currently get the phone is to order it from Verizon online, which should start shipping on […]

  • First 48 Hours with the Motorla Droid

    My thoughts after the first 48 hours with the Motorola Droid.

  • Comparison: Motorola Droid vs. iPod Touch

    [ad name=”Amazon Apple iPod Touch 32GB”] [ad name=”Amazon Motorola Droid X”] A friend of mine recently asked if she should buy an iPod Touch or a Motorola Droid.  While these are two completely different products, one being a wifi-enabled MP3 player and the other being a full-featured smartphone, a choice definitely still exists.  So without […]

  • How to View YouTube in High Quality with the Motorola Droid

    I noticed in tech blogger Robert Scoble’s recent review of the Motorola Droid that many people are unaware that YouTube videos are set to a low quality setting by default on Verizon’s newest Android-powered phone.  I can’t say exactly why Motorola decided to do this (I’m sure the guy in charge of Verizon’s bandwidth was […]