Droid X: That “Pull” Tab Behind the Battery Cover is for Battery Removal, Don’t Tear it Out!

After a few delays, I was finally able to get my hands on Motorola’s new 4.3″ Android smartphone, the Droid X.  This is a really impressive phone, but there is one thing you need to watch out for when you first use it: the “Pull” tab is not meant to be removed!

Before you insert the battery into the back of the phone, you’ll notice a yellow tab with the word “PULL” written on it.  Taking this simple instruction literally, I began firmly pulling on the tab (thinking it was something that had to be removed before the phone would be operational, like the tape on new printer ink or those little plastic tabs on children’s toys).  Luckily for me, I noticed something wasn’t quite right and stopped before I pulled the whole plastic piece out.

The “PULL” tab is actually there so you can remove the battery after you’ve inserted it into the phone.

The Droid X’s battery really snaps into place, and without this tab it is very difficult to remove (although I’ve been told you can use the battery cover itself to remove the battery if you accidentally tore out the pull tab).

Dozens of people have assumed the Pull tab was intended to be completely removed, and doing so accidentally pulled out the entire black plastic piece that exists between the battery and the phone itself.  Most users have reported that the phone still functioned after this happened, but like most things in mobile devices, that plastic was probably there for a reason.  If you’re careful, you should be able to get the plastic backing into the battery recess after you’ve removed it.

Initial rumors speculated that accidentally pulling the tab out would void your waranty, but this has been found to be untrue.  Laura Merritt, PR manager for Verizon Wireless, told Examiner.com in an email:

“If the customer removes the tab, the warranty is not affected. If they can’t get their battery out, I suggest that they take it to one of our stores for assistance. They don’t want to damage the phone or battery trying to remove it.”

So there you have it.  If you’re thinking about getting a Droid X, it’s a wonderful phone – just be sure not to rip out anything important before you first use it.






13 responses to “Droid X: That “Pull” Tab Behind the Battery Cover is for Battery Removal, Don’t Tear it Out!”

  1. Forwardspace1 Avatar

    I wish your post had been inserted into the Droid X packaging. I pulled the f*&^%ing thing out! Had difficulty removing the battery when it didn't power down while trying to activate. Verizon admitted this happened, transferred me to Motorola level 1 tech support who immediately told me I voided the contract!!! I will contact Verizon now.

  2. Evan Wondrasek Avatar

    Good luck! Let us know what happens.

  3. John Heylin Avatar

    Yep, pulled the whole thing out. Whoops. I figured it was a piece that kept the contacts between the battery and the phone clean so removed the whole damn thing. I'm an idiot.

    I just hope I never have to remove the battery…

  4. Nick Avatar

    My mom got a Droid X, asked me to help her rip the pull tap out so I did, Phone still works…..2 weeks later, my girlfriend and I both got droid X, as I started to pull them out she said “WAIT I think its to remove the battery because all the phone info is written on it”. Boy did I feel dumb. So we left the plastic in the phones this time, Either way I think it is just a pull for the batter and wont harm the phone otherwise.

  5. King Johnny Avatar
    King Johnny

    Don't feel bad… I did the same thing. Opened the box, saw the tab that says “Pull” and I did… all the way out. It should say “Pull to remove battery”. I put the battery in and attempted to activate the phone. It wouldn’t, so I was transferred to tech support who told me to remove the battery. I told him it wouldn’t come out. He had no idea why. Later, I realized the plastic cover needed to stay in. I tried several ways to remove the battery and the best was using the small blade of a Swiss Army knife. It slid down the top left side of the battery and popped it right out. I then stuck the plastic cover back into the phone and put the battery on top of it. Sheesh!

    Feel free to put this in Droid X for Dummies first edition.

    1. Rich France Avatar

      I am also a brand new owner (who has yet to attend their class) so please be kind to me. Two things I probably do not need to get to since they are currently installed and the phone run GREAT! are the battery and the SD card, but just HOW does one get to them.

  6. Dustin Avatar

    One of my roommates recently purchased the Droid X. As I approached to get a closer look at it, I caught him about to pull this tab out. Needless to say, he was quite thankful I warned him of this.

  7. Brad Avatar

    I pulled the tab out when I opened mine as well. The instructions that came with the phone are pretty vague on the matter and I didn’t realize what I had done until talking to a friend who had been pre-warned after reading about it on another site. geesh…

  8. insideout Avatar

    I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only one to pull the stupid tab all the way out. I too figured the sticker was covering connection points or something. Still haven’t gotten my battery out because I’m worried about damaging it. Really stupid on Moto’s part to just put pull – do not cut on the tab.

    1. Shane Avatar

      Take the case And Stick a edge under the battery and push up it will pop out if you ever need too.

      1. CW Avatar

        I got a new replacement Droid X a few weeks ago. I knew not to pull out the pull tab, because I had my old phone for years… but the tab was already very loose after using it gently once. Next time i had to use it it fell off.

        Anyways the above post by Shane worked for me.

  9. Shane Avatar

    I wondered where my tab went all of a sudden and didn’t notice I trapped it under the door. This post saved my life by telling me the backing is a good tool to get the battery out I didn’t pull the tab out. It said don’t cut it so I didn’t and the man at the VERIZON store showed me how to do and gave me a free car charger, Case, My mom a case, And where gonna both get free screen protectors brand of our choice so Zagg for free its a good deal. But Motorola should of made it a little easier for people that wont see things the way others will it should of been made easier for use of anyone.

  10. Jesus Alfaro Avatar

    Thanks!!! Was SOOO close to pulling it lol 🙂

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