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  • Apple Releases a New iPod Touch in the Wake of iPhone 5’s Hit Release

    Apple Releases a New iPod Touch in the Wake of iPhone 5’s Hit Release

    It has been one week since Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5. As if the mere release of the fifth generation iPhone was not enough, the giant gadgets designer also dropped a newly revamped version of the Apple iPod Touch. The iPod Touch can be defined as an iPhone without the phone, meaning that the […]

  • Valve Releases Steam Mobile App for Android and iOS

    Steam, Valve’s powerhouse digital distribution service for PC and Mac, is finally making its way to mobile devices. Don’t get too excited yet, though, they aren’t selling any mobile specific games. Instead, the Steam mobile app acts as a much-needed mobile portal for the multitude of services Steam offers. Getting logged in is as simple […]

  • Apple’s 1st Gen iPod Nano Being Recalled

    Apple has been getting its fair share of bad press lately. With battery issues plaguing the iPhone 4S and the iOS 5.01 update making things even worse, this latest problem just adds to the drama. On the Support section of their website, Apple states that “in very rare cases, the battery in the iPod nano […]

  • Midweek Fun! Test Your Puzzle Mettle In ‘The Heist’ For iOS

    What could possibly be better than buying a single high quality puzzle game for just $0.99? If you answered, “two high quality puzzle games for just $0.99,” you are in luck. However, there is a small catch. The good folks over at MacHeist have partnered with iOS developer tap tap tap to bring us The […]

  • Let Your iPhone Organize Your Life with NoteTask and SimpleNote

    Staying organized can be tough. Between paper notes, calendars, and technology, it can get pretty complicated to keep daily tasks in the forefront of one’s priorities. Heck, sometimes a person even needs to organize their organization methods just to keep their wits in place. Now how can Techerator aid you in this prioritizing predicament? First […]

  • Mobile Game Review: NBA Jam For iOS

    Boomshakalaka! Having grown up in the ’90s, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition is one of the many games I look back on fondly. Before the release of Goldeneye, NBA Jam is what my friends and I would play nonstop. Packed with outrageous dunks, an over-enthusiastic announcer, and violent gameplay that only vaguely follows the rules of […]

  • Techerator Holiday Gift Guide: Gamer’s Edition

    The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you haven’t even thought about starting to shop for gifts. In the past this situation might have ended with you in tears at the mall, desperately fighting against throngs of soccer moms and biting children, hoping to grab the last of whatever […]

  • Comparison: Motorola Droid vs. iPod Touch

    [ad name=”Amazon Apple iPod Touch 32GB”] [ad name=”Amazon Motorola Droid X”] A friend of mine recently asked if she should buy an iPod Touch or a Motorola Droid.  While these are two completely different products, one being a wifi-enabled MP3 player and the other being a full-featured smartphone, a choice definitely still exists.  So without […]