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  • Tectonicus: A High Detail Map Renderer for Minecraft

    If you haven’t heard (or you are a gamer that has been living under a rock), Minecraft is an extremely popular sandbox indie video game being developed by the Swedish company Mojang.  Currently available in both a free Classic version and a paid Beta version, Minecraft has exploded in popularity with over 10 million registered […]

  • Greplin: Your Personal Search Engine

    Greplin: Your Personal Search Engine

    If you use more than a couple of web applications, you know how difficult it can be to find things in those applications. Sure, services like Google Docs and Gmail have great built-in search, but services like Dropbox and Twitter … well, not so much. With Greplin, you can search a number of popular web […]

  • Take Your To Do List to the Command Line

    If you’re serious about your to do list and want to be sure that you can use it in the future, then you should think about embracing your inner geek by 1) going text only, and 2) doing everything at the command line. The best way to do that is with Todo.txt. Hold On … […]

  • Clean up your Linux computer with Bleach Bit

    No matter how careful you are, things like cached files, cookies, temporary files, packages, and log files build up over time. Bleach Bit helps remove this junk from your Linux PC.

  • Android App Roundup! Rainy Days (Weather Radar) and Extended Controls (Widget)

    Welcome to another exciting edition of our Android App Roundup!  This week, I’ll be taking a look at a handy weather radar app and Kevin will be telling you about a widget that puts the standard Android power control widget to shame. Have an app you’d like to recommend to us?  Post in the comments […]

  • Windows XP Tip: How to Rearrange Applications in the Windows Taskbar

    If you have several applications open simultaneously in Windows XP, you may find yourself wishing you could rearrange their order like tabs in your browser.  This feature isn’t included in Windows XP by default, but you can easily add it with Taskbar Shuffle. Taskbar Shuffle is a tiny application that quietly sits in your system […]

  • Resolve Missing DLL Errors in Windows with Dependency Walker

    Anyone working in the PC technical support field knows all too well the problems associated with missing DLL files.  Dependency Walker is a free utility that can help you find missing DLL files. Below is an error message commonly seen when trying to register a DLL file with the Windows utility regsvr32. Due to the […]

  • View Detailed Graphic Card Information With GPU-Z

    One of the most important parts of your PC is its graphics card.  You may need to eventually update your graphics card to run new software or play the newest game. GPU-Z is a free utility similar to the previously mentioned CPU-Z that provides you with all information available regarding your graphics card and GPU.  […]

  • Detect and Remove The Most Common Viruses with McAfee Stinger

    Anti-Virus 2010, Total Security Center, Windows Security Center – These names all sound like legitimate antivirus software, but they are actually viruses in disguise.   Virus removal programs such as SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes can sometimes have a difficult time removing these types of viruses, and new malicious software appears every day. McAfee Stinger takes a different […]

  • Gather Information About Your Client’s PC with Support Details

    Building websites that function properly across multiple browsers can be a time consuming process.  Most of that time is put into backwards compatibility to support outdated web browsers – I’m looking at you, IE6. If a client or end-user of your website is experiencing a problem, it can be a difficult task to ask all […]