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  • Google Keep: Note-taking from an Android’s perspective

    Considering the sheer vastness of the Google Play marketplace, one can assume that there are countless apps that cover the realm of note-taking and to-do lists.  So it is not surprising that Google would try to architect a note/task app in their own fashion.  The result of this endeavor is Google Keep; an Android app […]

  • How Evernote Changed My Life

    Evernote has been around a while now, and is a seemingly permanent fixture on the ubiquitous “must have apps” lists that fill technical websites and computer magazines. Evernote is, however, far from being something just for the nerds. Heavy exposure everywhere from Time magazine to the New York Times has led to it being one […]

  • Simplify list making and note taking with WorkFlowy

    Simplify list making and note taking with WorkFlowy

    There’s another free productivity tool that harnesses the power of simplicity. WorkFlowy is probably the simplest, most powerful web app you will find. Basically it’s a list maker that can be used as a task organizer and project management tool. To use it, just start typing. Automatically you’re creating a bullet point. Press “return” and you […]

  • Getting Started with Android: Memos and Streaming Radio Stations

    There’s a good chance that (like most people) when you wonder “Hey, I wonder if there’s an app for that on my phone…”, you immediately go to the app market and search for it. Now if you are like me, instead of searching for an app, you will ask one of your friends who knows […]

  • “Catch” the New Way to Organize Notes with Smartphones and Browsers

    We’ve all done it; emailed yourself a note or reminder while at work or on the go, then weeding through your bursting inbox trying to find it. There is the option of a mailbox search with keywords, but it’s pretty much a bust if you can’t find something in 10 seconds. With the birth of […]

  • Create and Sync Notes on your Desktop, Phone, and the Web with Simplenote

    Ever have an idea that you’re sure is going to make you rich, only to have forgotten it by the time you get home? Or how about the time you spent all week making a list of things you need the next time you go shopping, only to forget where you put it when the […]