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  • WordPress Fix: How to Properly Align Images in RSS Feeds

    One of the only complaints I’ve ever had about WordPress is that images didn’t maintain alignment in our RSS feed.  RSS feeds are used to offer subscriptions to visitors and can be used with applications like Google Reader. When adding an image to an article in WordPress, you have the option to align it on […]

  • ShareTool Offers Super Easy File Sharing on a Mac

    ShareTool by Yazsoft is an application I’ve been using on my Macs for the last year or so, and it offers the easiest file sharing of any services I’ve used.  ShareTool is a great way to stream your music library and remotely access your Mac from anywhere. Why use ShareTool? Let’s say you have a […]

  • Create a Simple, Awesome Browser Start Page with Fav4

    I recently asked my friends on Twitter what they used for their browser start page, and it seemed like most people used about:blank, Google/Firefox Start, or iGoogle.  I personally use iGoogle because I can combine a lot of information into one page, but I often find myself wanting something a little simpler.  Fav4.org is an […]

  • How to Manage, Mute, or Complete Hide Google Buzz Notifications in Gmail

    Love it or hate it, Google Buzz can make a lot of noise in your inbox if you have a few engaged followers.  When any of your followers reply to a message you post in Buzz, you will receive a notification in your inbox that contains a live view of the Buzz message.  This is […]

  • Encrypt Your Important Data with TrueCrypt

    With privacy becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the digital world, it is becoming more important to protect your personal data.  The easiest way to keep your personal information secure is to encrypt it.  This can be done seamlessly and for free through a cool program called TrueCrypt. To start down the road of […]

  • Block Distracting Sites with LeechBlock

    Firefox only:  Having a hard time focusing at work?  Do you compulsively check websites while your to-do list is growing?  We can be our own worst enemies when work needs to be done and things like Facebook and RSS feeds are at our fingertips. LeechBlock is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to block […]

  • Staff Picks: Top Gadgets and Tech of 2009

    2009 brought some amazing advances in technology and gadgets, so the staff at Techerator has put together a list of their favorite tech of 2009.  Let us know about your favorite tech of 2009 in the comments at the bottom! Evan Wondrasek Android-based Phones – I bought a Motorola Droid on launch day and have […]

  • Staff Picks: Top Web Apps and Software of 2009

    Many great web applications and software emerged in 2009, so the staff at Techerator put together a list of their favorite or most used applications of 2009.  Let us know about your favorite software of 2009 in the comments at the bottom! Evan Wondrasek Gmail – I’ve been using Gmail for a few years, but […]

  • How to Manage Attachments in Gmail

    Since Gmail offers nearly unlimited storage space, most people keep emails with attachments archived so they can access important files later. This works great when you need to dig up pictures sent from a relative or print a copy of the report you wrote last year. Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for messages to get lost […]

  • 5 Reasons Why A Netbook May Be Right For You

    Check out Windows 7 Netbooks Starting $350 With their initial release in late 2007, netbooks are quickly becoming a large part of today’s line of consumer computers.  It is estimated that netbooks now make up 20% of new PC orders (MaximumPC).  I recently purchased my first netbook and have thoroughly enjoyed using it for the […]