5 Reasons Why A Netbook May Be Right For You

With their initial release in late 2007, netbooks are quickly becoming a large part of today’s line of consumer computers.  It is estimated that netbooks now make up 20% of new PC orders (MaximumPC).  I recently purchased my first netbook and have thoroughly enjoyed using it for the reasons I’ll explain in this guide.

I often get several questions when using my netbook such as “Why is that laptop so tiny?” and “What kind of programs can you run on a computer that small?”  I have put together a short list of reasons why I would recommend someone to consider purchasing a netbook.


Portability is the biggest factor when considering netbook.  With their small size and minimal weight, netbooks are ideal for people always on the move.  Some common places to use your netbook include while traveling, in a backpack for school, or just sitting on the couch watching TV.

Long Battery Life

Netbooks often remove power-hungry components that are found in a standard size laptop.  Many netbooks offer highly efficient processors such as the Intel Atom, which allows for even greater battery life when compared to other mobile processors.  The smaller screen size also makes a difference when looking at total battery life.


Netbooks originally started off as a Linux product and many Linux distributions offer a optimized version of their operating system specifically for netbooks.  With the increased popularity of netbooks, however, Windows XP is estimated to be on 90% of netbooks sold (PCWorld).  This means you can use all the software you use on your desktop without converting any files or switching operating systems.


Netbooks originally received their moniker because they had poor hardware specifications and were primarily intended to browse the internet.  While netbooks still can’t compete with a full-fledged desktop system for processing power, most modern netbooks come with fast processors and 1+GB of RAM, all of which is more than capable of running all modern software packages.  You probably won’t be playing any games on these types of machines, though.


A major advantage of a netbook is its physical size.  Most netbooks will have an 8 to 12 inch screen.  This smaller size makes netbooks great for taking them anywhere, and with a a smaller physical size comes a lighter device.  Most netbooks weigh right around 2-5 lbs.

Are you interested in purchasing a netbook?  Do you think they are just a fad or are they here to stay?  Let us know by commenting below.

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