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  • How to Remove Hidden Duplicate Copies of USB Device Drivers in Windows

    If you’ve ever had problems installing USB devices in Windows, i.e. if you connect a mouse and Windows doesn’t properly install the drivers for you, I learned a great trick that might be able to resolve this problem. From what I can tell, Windows stores a “ghost” copy of any device you install which doesn’t […]

  • How to Fix Unwanted Amazon Recommendations Caused by Gifts or One-Time Purchases

    I suffer from bad Amazon.com recommendations, and I’m not afraid to tell you about it.  Sure, Amazon’s recommendations are one of the most useful features of the site, but because I once bought some engineering textbooks and a Jackie Moon Halloween costume, my recommendations couldn’t have been more inaccurate. It turns out there’s a pretty […]

  • What To Do if McAfee Virus Scan Update 5958 Crashes Your Windows XP Computer (or destroys svchost.exe)

    You’ve probably heard about it already – a recent update to McAfee Virus Scan update caused the program to unintentionally damage Windows system files.  Symptoms include (but are not limited to): Loss of internet connection Can’t copy and paste Can’t drag and drop files Missing task bar/Start menu This problem can render your computer completely […]

  • Ninite: Easily, Sliently Install Free PC Software

    A newly installed computer is a great thing – it offers a clean slate, making your computer faster with no unnecessary software, no messed-up settings and no viruses. One thing that can be time consuming with your new computer is installing all of your favorite software applications.  Going out and downloading all of the individual […]

  • How to Create Custom RSS Feeds for Specific Subjects or Authors with Yahoo Pipes

    Now that I’m writing for both Techerator and MakeUseOf, I wanted an easy way to publish links to articles I’ve written on my personal website.  In the past, I’ve also wanted to create custom RSS feeds for specific topics or authors I enjoy reading, instead of subscribing to the full “firehose” of a popular site’s […]

  • Chrome Tip: How to Automatically Backup Forms and Text Areas

    You know what’s the worst?  Having your browser crash after you’ve almost completely filled out text areas in an online form.  This is especially disastrous when submitting an online resume – you get the whole thing filled out and poof, it’s gone. If you’re using the free Google Chrome web browser, there’s an easy fix […]

  • How to Share Files and Drives from Your Computer in a Remote Desktop Session

    Windows includes built-in remote access/support software called Remote Desktop Connection.  This software is a quick and easy way to access another computer, whether to use your personal computer while away from home or to provide remote support for somebody else. A somewhat hidden feature of Remote Desktop Connection is the ability to access files from […]

  • Fix: What To Do if Removing a Virus Blocks Executable (.EXE) Files From Opening

    I have recently observed that after removing certain fake anti-spyware viruses (such as “Windows Security Center” or “Anti Virus 2010″), all executable (.exe) files will no longer open.  No matter what file you try to open – iTunes, Firefox, or even Malwarebytes – they will not open because they are all .exe files. To fix […]

  • Google Chrome Tip: How to Give Streaming Videos a Movie Theater Experience

    Do you like online streaming video sites?  Me too.  I could probably spend all day watching videos of baby puppies, the hilarious auto-tuned news, or that cat that couldn’t quite jump over the baby fence. If you want to enjoy these videos and tune out the extra stuff, the Turn Off the Lights extension for […]

  • 9 Great Games for Your Android Phone

    photo credit: secretlondon123 While the Android Market isn’t nearly as diverse as Apple’s app store yet, it’s growing quickly and has plenty to offer in the way of games.  I have compiled a list of some of the games that I’ve enjoyed playing. All of the games I mention in this guide are either completely […]