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  • How To Add Greasemoney and Other Scripts To Opera 11

    When I recently made the switch from Firefox to Opera, there were a couple of things I had to work out with my new web browser of choice.  One of my favorite add-ons for Firefox was Greasemonkey, which allows for the installation of scripts that modify and enhance web pages on-the-fly.  There is no version of […]

  • Optimize Your iGoogle Personalized Homepage with Super iGoogle

    I use iGoogle as my browser start page which allows me to quickly view things like the news, weather, movie showtimes, my to do list, and email when I open my browser.  iGoogle is completely customizable and supports a great variety of themes.  I only have one problem: the search header and sidebar take up […]

  • Browse Safer: Expand Shortened URLs

    URL shorteners are everywhere, and have exploded in popularity with sites like Twitter that have a character limit per message.  While URL shortening services provide a great way to share links quickly with friends – there is also a significant security risk of being sent to a malicious website.  For example, check out this great […]

  • Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts with Google Account Multi-Login

    Firefox only:  If you’re like me, you have multiple Gmail accounts and wish there was a quicker way to switch between them in the Gmail web interface.  With the Google Account Multi-Login script for Greasemonkey, you can do just that. Step One – Prerequisites: To enable this feature, you’ll first need to be using Firefox […]

  • Become a Facebook Power User with Facebook Fixer

    Sure,  you know how to use Facebook pretty well – but there are dozens of features you can add to the popular social networking site with Firefox and Greasemonkey scripts.  Greasemonkey is an add-on for Firefox that lets you enhance webpages with user generated scripts, and can enable features in Facebook like: Enlarging profile pictures […]

  • How To: Automatically View YouTube Videos in HD and Resized to 720p

    Firefox Only:  Now that YouTube has a high quality / high definition option available for almost all videos, you may have found yourself wishing it would be enabled by default.  Realistically, YouTube has the higher quality mode disabled by default to save bandwidth on users who don’t mind lower quality videos, but this guide will […]

  • How To: Automatically Hide Labels in Gmail

    Firefox Only:  Although Gmail’s labels can be extremely useful for organizing and increasing your email productivity, they can become quite a nuisance if you have several labels applied to a message.  When this happens, the labels take over the space that usually displays the message preview, and makes your inbox start to look cluttered and […]

  • Enhance Websites in Firefox with Greasemonkey

    Greasemonkey is an extremely versatile add-on for Mozilla Firefox which allows users to install scripts that can make modifications to most HTML-based websites.  Greasemonkey can greatly enhance a website by changing the layout, adding new features, or increasing ease-of-use. To install Greasemonkey, head on over to the Firefox Add-On Greasemonkey page and click “Add to […]