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  • Using the Linux Command Line with Nautilus Terminal

    Using the Linux Command Line with Nautilus Terminal

    One myth about Linux that just won’t die is that you absolutely need to understand and use the command line to get the most out of it. I know a number of Linux users who’ve never cracked open a terminal window, and they’re quite happy. That said, I find the command line to be an […]

  • Make Upgrading Your Fedora System Easier with PreUpgrade

    Keeping with their six-month release cycle, Fedora 13 – codename Goddard – was released on Tuesday. Upgrading your Fedora installs can be a time-consuming process if you’re using the downloaded DVD.  Reinstalling can also take time considering you will need to backup and restore your system. PreUpgrade is a utility that simplifies the Fedora upgrade […]

  • How to Setup Internet Connection Sharing in Fedora 12

    If you have a computer with two network interfaces, one wired and one wireless, it can sometimes be beneficial to share an internet connection from one interface to another.  In Microsoft Windows this is called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).  This guide will show you how to setup the equilivant of ICS in Fedora 12 by […]

  • Fix: Adobe AIR Apps Crash After Upgrading to Fedora 12

    After upgrading your system to Fedora 12, you may notice that some of your Adobe AIR applications no longer load properly.  The problem may persist even after you have reinstalled both Adobe AIR and the individual Adobe AIR applications. An error you may receive when installing the AIR applications is shown below: Application crashed with […]

  • Fedora 12 “Constantine” Released Today

    Today marks the release date of the newest version of Fedora Linux distribution — Fedora 12.  Codenamed “Constantine”, Fedora 12 marks the newest release in a long line of Fedora versions. Features Some features included in this new release are listed below: Gnome 2.28 Change to i686 architecture Improved webcam support Fedora Studio PackageKit Browser […]

  • Fedora 12: What To Expect From The Next Fedora Release

    It’s already been 6 months since Fedora 11 “Leonidas” was released, which means its time for a new version.  With the release of Fedora 12 “Constantine” happening in just less then a week, you may be wondering what exactly the new version contains.  I’ve had some time to play around with Fedora 12  and will […]

  • Decrease Fedora Update Time With yum-presto

    Installing updates on any operating system can be a time consuming process.  Part of the philosophy of a free and open source operating system is the commitment to keeping your system updated with the latest security patches and feature updates.  With Fedora systems, I often see 50-100 MB worth of updates per week.  Even on […]

  • Fix: Connecting USB Devices To VirtualBox On Fedora 11

    Update: This problem has been resolved in VirtualBox Version 3.0.8. Remove the following fix before upgrading to 3.0.8 to take advantage of the update.  For help on installing VirtualBox on Fedora 11, checkout our guide. I have come across one problem with VirtualBox on Fedora 11 – USB devices are listed in the device manager […]

  • How to Install VirtualBox in Fedora 11

    Fedora 11, the most recent release of the Fedora Linux distribution, includes built-in virtualization capabilities.  Virtualization allows you to install an operating system from within another operating system, which can be a great way to test out a new version of Windows. Since Fedora’s included virtualization is mainly geared towards developers, many users prefer a […]

  • How To: Install Adobe AIR in Fedora 11

    With a new install of Fedora there are a few basic programs that typically should be installed including Java Runtime and Flash Player, and with the recent increase in the number of AIR applications Adobe AIR has been added to the list.  With the default install of Fedora 11, installing AIR does present a problem.  […]