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  • Why You Shouldn’t Talk to Strangers on Facebook

    Facebook, for the most part, is a safe place to meet friends and talk to people. However, it’s good practice (and simply common sense) to stick to conversations with people you actually know. Recently, I’ve been receiving messages from complete strangers asking seemingly-legitimate questions about my livelihood, such as programming or brewing, since both are […]

  • Farewell Firesheep, Facebook Rolls Out Secure HTTPS Option

    After the Firesheep  fiasco of last October, most people became keenly aware of how insecure they were on unencrypted websites like Facebook and Twitter. (In case you missed it, Firesheep is an add-on for Firefox that allows a malicious user to take control of your account on unsecure non-https websites when browsing on wi-fi) Firesheep […]

  • How to Prevent Facebook and Google from Tracking You Online

    These days it’s impossible to casually surf the web and avoid sites that use tools from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others that make the experience more social and immersive.  Still, with privacy issues at the forefront of technology news, it is worth noting that many of these social media tools make your e-life more convenient […]

  • Facebook Unveils New Messaging Service That Will Revolutionize Communication

    Is Facebook trying to conquer the world?  It seems so. On Monday, Facebook held a conference in California where a new messaging service powered by the uber-giant, social-networking site was unveiled. There has been a lot of speculation and buzz the past few weeks and months about Facebook’s version of email.  While it’s being officially […]

  • Visualize Your Digital Relationships with Facebook’s Friendship Pages

    Despite frequent privacy concerns, the tremendous amount of data stored in Facebook actually has a lot of positive uses.  One of those is utilized in Facebook’s newest feature, Friendship Pages. If you’ve been on Facebook for awhile, you’ve unknowingly built intricate digital relationships with your friends on the social network.  Friendship Pages lets you visualize […]

  • Skype Rolls Out Version 5.0 With Facebook Integration and 10-Way Video Calling

    Skype just got a lot more social! Since mid-Summer, Skype 5.0 Beta has been available, but this past week they rolled out the full version, jam-packed with new features, updates, and a slick new user interface that wasn’t available in the recent beta. Probably some of the biggest and most talked about features within the […]

  • Don’t be Interesting, Be More Interesting than Every Person I’ve Ever Met

    “I don’t have to be more interesting than you. I don’t have to be more interesting than your friends. I have to be more interesting than your phone; more interesting than ALL the friends you’ve ever had.” Nick Douglas nailed one of the biggest problems we have with modern social interactions in a recent YouTube rant (note: brief NSFW […]

  • Forget to Log Out? New Facebook Security Features Will Save Your Reputation

    Prepare to be impressed: Facebook is rolling out some great new features that will help protect your account from unauthorized access.  They might not have the whole information privacy thing figured out yet, but they are definitely taking the right steps when it comes to keeping your account safe. Generate Temporary Random Passwords via SMS […]

  • Android App Roundup! Abduction! 2 (Game) and my6sense (magical RSS and social network reader)

    It’s been a while, but welcome again to another exciting edition of our Android App Roundup series! This time I’ll be showing you how you can kill some free time with Abduction! 2 while Evan explains how you can discover the best articles from your RSS feeds and social networks with my6sense. If there are […]

  • How to NOT Suck at Foursquare (and other location-based social networks)

    If you’re just joining the rest of us on the internet, there’s something you should know.  There are several websites that allow you to use your physical location in the world (typically via the GPS in your mobile phone) to virtually “check in” to venues like restaurants, sporting events, and movie theaters. Checking your location […]