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  • Instagram goes from $0 to $1 billion in 17 months

    Instagram, the incredibly popular free photo-sharing app, launched in October of 2010. Within the first week, the app had almost 200,000 users. That number jumped to 1.75 million in February 2011 and three months later there were 4 million people using the app. Of course, 4 million isn’t anything to write home about according to […]

  • Would you trade in your social media passwords for a job?

    The practice of employers looking up social media profiles of prospective employees is nothing new. It’s a great way to learn a lot about a person from the things that they choose to broadcast to the public. However, there comes a point where this all may go a little too far — specifically when a […]

  • “Batch” is the ultimate mobile photo sharing app for iPhone

    In the smart phone era, everyone is an amateur photographer. Equipped with high-def capabilities and nearly bottomless storage, we produce a lot of photos on a daily basis which we’ve opted to share individually on Twitter or in bulk on Facebook. The problem is that sharing full albums with friends requires a bit of effort […]

  • Diaspora Seeks Donations, PayPal Freezes Account

    Diaspora Seeks Donations, PayPal Freezes Account

      UPDATE: After some prodding and community outcry, PayPal released Diaspora’s account. Remember Diaspora? The group of NYU students that asked for $15,000 on Kickstarter.com to create a decentralized alternative to Facebook, and made headlines when they garnered a shocking $200,000 instead? Yeah, they’re still around, and to my surprise, they have some pretty cool stuff to […]

  • Real-Time Search and Improved Hashtags Now Supported in Google+

    Vic Gundotra, the mind behind much of Google+, made a rare video appearance recently to show off two new features that will keep Facebook on its toes and probably elicit a disgusted groan from Twitter. Real-time search and improved support for hashtags will help Google+ contend with the established utility of Twitter by allowing users […]

  • Official Facebook iPad App Is Finally Here

    Finally do we no longer have to keep asking Mark Zuckerberg when his iPad app will be hitting the public spectrum. After months of speculation, delays, sneak peeks, and even a dead giveaway, us iPad users finally have our Facebook. Unsurprisingly, it looks almost identical to the hidden iPad app that was included in the […]

  • Facebook’s Timeline: Life flashing before your eyes has never been so awesome

    Facebook’s new Timeline profiles start rolling out to the public today. Many users were able to preview the new profiles early through Facebook’s Developer program, so I’ve already had a week to play around with Timeline. You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about its “great design” or “privacy nightmare”, so what’s all the fuss […]

  • Facebook Unveils New Features at F8 Developer Conference

    Today at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced some new features that will be making their way to users sometime in the future. Most notable is something called the Timeline, which will take all the status updates from everyone and organize them in an iPad-style magazine of sorts. To keep it from becoming too cluttered, […]

  • Why Klout Has No Clout

    You have no doubt seen people boasting of their Klout score, and how they’re specialists in their chosen field of interest and able to influence dozens of people on certain subjects. You may even have a Klout score yourself, whether you actually chose to be involved with the social media startup or not. It’s a […]

  • How to not suck at Facebook Questions

    You probably noticed Questions popping up on your Facebook News Feed, which quickly turned into “Which Backstreet Boy is the hottest?”, “What state is the best?”, and “Which Arena Football team east of the Mississippi, but South of the Mason Dixon Line has the best cheerleaders?”.