Author: Kevin Schulte

  • The Unnecessary Complexities of Video Game Pre-order Bonuses

    In recent years, game companies have started offering incentives for pre-ordering their games. If the game is sold in a physical package, these incentives might include something tangible, like a cloth map or figurine. Digitally downloaded games generally see bonuses of a similarly digital nature. You might get an exclusive in-game weapon that’s unavailable through […]

  • Friday Fun! Fulfill Childhood Dreams With Kerbal Space Program

    Space: the final frontier. Many children dream of becoming astronauts when they grow up. If that happened to be you, now’s your chance to fulfill that fantasy. Not only will you be piloting your (hopefully) space-bound craft in Kerbal Space Program, you also get to design it! Kerbal Space Program tasks you with getting the […]

  • Midweek Fun! Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon In ‘Proun’

    A popular trend emerging in the world of independent gaming is the idea of gamers paying what they want for a game. It’s a daring move, but can pay off big for the developers. The Humble Bundle, which has gone through three iterations to date, has raised millions of dollars for developers and charities alike. […]

  • Harry Potter eBooks To Be DRM Free

    Personally, I am not a fan of publishers locking down eBooks with intrusive and unnecessary DRM. It devalues their product and does little to prevent piracy anyway. It’s unfortunate that almost all major publishers and digital book distributors continue to sell their books with such a handicap. One giant name in the book industry, however, is […]

  • Android App Roundup! ZDBox and Carrr Matey

    It’s time once again for another edition of Android App Roundup! After a bit of an absence, we’re back and ready to bring you the must-have applications for your Android device. This time around we’ll be telling you about ZDBox, a handy little application that collects a bunch of tools into one place for your […]

  • Midweek Fun! Test Your Puzzle Mettle In ‘The Heist’ For iOS

    What could possibly be better than buying a single high quality puzzle game for just $0.99? If you answered, “two high quality puzzle games for just $0.99,” you are in luck. However, there is a small catch. The good folks over at MacHeist have partnered with iOS developer tap tap tap to bring us The […]

  • Banish In-Browser Advertisments On Your Android Phone With AdFree

    Browser advertisements – the bane of every Internet user’s existence. Sure, there are plenty of sites that aren’t overzealous with advertisements, but for every site that tucks a small ad into the corner, there are ten that present you with giant flashing sidebars and bombard you with full-page ads that demand your attention. All of […]

  • How To: Import E-Books Into Aldiko for Android Using Dropbox

    It’s been nearly a year since I last wrote about Aldiko, and while the E-book market on Android has exploded since then I still consider Aldiko to be the best reader out there. E-book powerhouses like Amazon and Barnes and Noble have both launched reader applications of their own, but they both lack a seemingly […]

  • DroidWall: The Aptly Named Android Firewall Solution

    Installing Android applications can sometimes be a risky operation. A list of permissions requested by the application pops up before installation, but how many people actually read those? Even if you do read them, they can often leave you puzzled as to why that application needs that permission. I recently installed a newly-released game on […]

  • Unleash the Full Power of Android Multitasking Using SwipePad

    One of Android’s greatest advantages over its biggest competitor is its awesome support for multitasking right out of the box. Simply hold down the Home button for a few seconds to gain access to the eight most recently used applications on your device without ever leaving the currently running application. But what do you do […]