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  • Top five reasons why WordPress is the best “Press”

    Top five reasons why WordPress is the best “Press”

    WordPress is arguably known as one of the leading content management providers. It’s recognizable, compatible, and free to use – covering all of the online basics and plenty more. But for whatever reason, there are still website owners opting for a buggy competitor, or sticking to basic HTML for their web-viewing needs. As the Internet […]

  • 8 Best Mobile Android Apps for Bloggers

    If you are a blogger and cannot be bothered being tied to only laptops and desktops to do your writing, consider these eight, highly useful Android apps to get work done while really on the go. WordPress The WordPress Android app works a lot better on tablets than smartphones because of the larger display, but […]

  • Fix: WordPress 3.1 and Disqus Plugin Error When Returning Comments Count

    If you use the popular 3rd-party commenting system Disqus in your WordPress-powered website, you may have noticed that some errors appeared in your Posts lists after upgrading to WordPress 3.1.  The specific error you see would be something like: Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 155 I’ve […]

  • Fix: WPtouch Pro Plugin Breaks WordPress 3.1’s Admin Bar

    WordPress 3.1 rolled out today and brought with it several new features, one being the WordPress admin bar. This feature has been previously available to WordPress.com users and is now available to self-hosted sites (like Techerator), and gives logged-in users access to page controls without having to leave the site. Sites that use the popular […]

  • WordPress: How to Fix Author RSS Feeds with the FD Feedburner Plugin

    If you run a WordPress-based website and offer RSS feeds to your readers, the WordPress plugin FD Feedburner is invaluable. This plugin automatically redirects any RSS feed on your website to the correct Feedburner feed with very simple configuration. One problem with FD Feedburner is that it doesn’t support individual author RSS feeds. Since we […]

  • How to View Google Analytics from Your WordPress Dashboard

    Keeping track of visitors to your blog is important.  While there are many services and tools available for tracking visitors to your site, Google Analytics is often the service of choice. In this article I am going to provide you with a couple of plugins to view Google Analytics within your WordPress blog. Google Analytics […]

  • How to Let Your WordPress Blog Visitors Upload Files To Your Dropbox

    Dropbox is one of our favorite pieces of software here at Techerator.  Every day, people are coming up with new ways to use the free online file backup and syncing service.  When used with other software, Dropbox can be utilized for just about anything. The Dropbox Upload Form plugin for WordPress is a small plugin […]

  • Significantly Reduce Website Spam with the ‘Bad Behavior’ Plugin

    Spam is everywhere and can easily overrun a website.  If not controlled, it is possible for spam comments to infiltrate your WordPress blog, forum, guestbook or other content-management system, redirecting your readers to malicious websites. The graph below shows the distribution of comments on a site.  As you can see, spam comments make up the […]

  • WordPress Fix: How to Properly Align Images in RSS Feeds

    One of the only complaints I’ve ever had about WordPress is that images didn’t maintain alignment in our RSS feed.  RSS feeds are used to offer subscriptions to visitors and can be used with applications like Google Reader. When adding an image to an article in WordPress, you have the option to align it on […]

  • Essential WordPress Plugins Part 2: Administration

    In the second part of our Essential WordPress Plugins series we will be taking a look at some plugins that are designed to make managing your WordPress site easier. WP-Database backup The WP-Database Backup plugin automates the database backup process and puts your mind to ease about the safety of your blog. WP-Database Backup can […]