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  • Microsoft Office for iOS and Android has finally been confirmed for a March 2013 release

    Microsoft Office for iOS and Android has finally been confirmed for a March 2013 release

    Microsoft Office is finally coming to an iOS and Android operating system near you. Mobile phone and tablet users have patiently waited and hoped for Microsoft to release an app version of their pervasive software. There have been rumors and stories claiming Microsoft Office was coming to mobile/tablet devices for years, but the wait is […]

  • Office 2010: Fix Word Not Saving Default Settings

    In a previous article, I wrote about how to change the default font and document settings in Word 2010.  I recently ran into a frustrating problem on a computer where even though I was saving the settings as default like shown in the mentioned article, when I would close Word and then re-open, the old […]

  • How To Change Default Font and Document Settings In Microsoft Word

    The release of Microsoft Office 2007 brought some major changes to the popular office suite.  Many did not care for these changes at first, but users soon started to enjoy the newest features of Word, Excel, and other Office 2007 programs. One feature in Office 2007 still seen in Office 2010 is a change in […]

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Expires October 31st

    It’s almost been a year since we covered the release of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta.  In the time since the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta was released, over 9 million people have downloaded and installed the beta version.  But since all good things must come to an end, the free Office 2010 beta will soon expire. […]

  • Share, Organize, and Store Your Digital Files Online with Quanp

    The world of online storage is a growing one, with different services and new features coming out all the time. Quanp, pronounced “Quan-Pah”, is one which I’ve found to be quite useful not only for its online storage, but the way in which it organizes and displays your files on your desktop. Quanp, short for […]

  • How Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel Can Help You Pretend to Work

    Procrastinating at work.  We’ve all done it at some point during the five day work week.  Whether it be surfing the blogs, catching up on favorite shows, or playing the unprecedented amount of free online games out there, we have all found different ways to break from the insanity called the eight hour workday. Subsequently, it is a known fact that when […]

  • How To Change The Default File Opening and Saving Location For Microsoft Office

    If you’re a big Word and Excel user, you may open and save several documents in a day.  Word and Excel are set by default to save in your My Documents folder on Windows XP or Documents library on Windows Vista/7.  This default location is OK if you’re a home user but may not be […]

  • Great Deal: Buy Office 2007 Now, Get Free Upgrade to Office 2010 in June

    Microsoft Office 2010 is scheduled to release in June, but there’s no need to hold off from purchasing Office 2007 in the meantime. Microsoft recently announced free upgrades to Office 2010 if you purchase and activate an Office 2007 product between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010. Several qualifying Office 2007 products are listed […]

  • Quick Tip: How to Save Documents as PDFs in Microsoft Office Word 2007

    If you’ve ever written a document in Microsoft Office Word, chances are you’ve wanted to save it as a PDF for easy sharing.  Publishing to PDF isn’t included in the standard installation of Microsoft Office Word, but you can add it in a few easy steps which I will cover in this quick tip. Step […]

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Now Available

    Microsoft Office 2010 has recently been released as as a public download.  The download weighs in at a fairly light 685 MB and includes Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, SharePoint Workspace, and Communicator (which is an instant messenger for Outlook). If you’re working in the IT field and want to prepare for […]