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  • Everybody Wins When Google Teaches Your Family About Technology

    Ah, the holidays.  A time spent with family opening presents, reminiscing, sharing, and diagnosing any computer problems.  Okay, so maybe that last one isn’t in the normal holiday routine for most people, but for all the tech gurus out there it is all too familiar. If you are like me, the holiday season is spent diagnosing […]

  • A Return to Old-School Gaming: Emulators and Retro Games

    A Return to Old-School Gaming: Emulators and Retro Games

    Back in the early ’90s things were different and, in some ways, better. MC Hammer was lighting up MTV with inflatable pants, Compuserve 3.25″ diskettes were confusing households across the US, and my family’s 66 MHz Pentium PC was a $3500 fiery hellbeast that made the Pentagon as nervous as current-day Wikileaks. And the video […]

  • How To Remove Saved Usernames and Passwords from Firefox

    One commonly used feature in Firefox is the ability to store usernames and passwords for websites you frequently visit. Saving login information removes the needs to enter it every time you visit a site. A feature that was added in the Firefox 3 release is the ability to update saved passwords for sites you visit.  […]

  • How to View Google Analytics from Your WordPress Dashboard

    Keeping track of visitors to your blog is important.  While there are many services and tools available for tracking visitors to your site, Google Analytics is often the service of choice. In this article I am going to provide you with a couple of plugins to view Google Analytics within your WordPress blog. Google Analytics […]

  • 3 Easy Ways to Improve Search in Windows 7

    One of my favorite features of Windows 7 is the improved search.  Windows Search is quickly available in the Start menu or in any open Explorer window. To improve search performance, Windows 7 uses a background indexing feature.  Indexing pre-searches specified locations on your computer and compiles the results into the search index.  When you […]

  • How to Enable Windows 7′s “Aero Snap” Feature in Earlier Versions of Windows

    One of my favorite features in Windows 7 is Aero Snap, which automatically resizes and snaps applications to the sides of your screen when you drag them near.  If you’ve got several windows open on one screen, this is a great way to manage your space (and I’ve learned it’s even more useful when working […]

  • How To Enable The Telnet Client In Windows 7

    As a system administrator, having all of your software utilities quickly accessible can make your job easier.  One piece of software often used by admins is the Microsoft Telnet Client. Unlike previous versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 7 does not have the Microsoft Telnet client installed by default.  System administrators can quickly see […]

  • How to Enable Vertical Tabs in Google Chrome

    Update: Vertical tabs have now been removed by the Chrome development team. Read more: A fond farewell to vertical tabs in Google Chrome I’ve been using Google’s Chrome web browser exclusively for a few months now, but one of the things I miss most about Firefox is the ability to view my tabs vertically rather […]

  • Security Tip: Deauthorize Old Facebook Applications to Protect Your Profile [Updated]

    It’s no secret: Facebook hasn’t exactly won any awards for protecting your privacy lately.  But Facebook’s privacy policies aren’t the only thing you need to be concerned about when using the popular social network – you also need to keep an eye on the apps that have access to your information. Whenever you use an […]

  • Google Tip: How to Search Within a Specific Website, Domain, or News Source

    I was recently asked if it was possible to do a search on Google but only look at results from a specific site.  This is indeed possible, and is a great way to track down specific information when you know the general area it should be located.  I frequently use this to search for information […]