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  • GIVEAWAY: Win a $25 Rdio Gift Card

    If you’re an avid Rdio user or are considering jumping ship from another music streaming service, you just might be pleased to know that we have a $25 Rdio gift card with your name on it (if you’re the lucky winner, that is). The $25 gift card is yours to use however you see fit […]

  • Giveaway: Win 1 free month of PlayStation Plus

    After I was banned from the PlayStation Network and forced to create a new account, Sony made it clear that they still appreciate me as a customer. What does that mean for you? It means I have two one-month trials of PlayStation Plus to give away. I’ve covered PlayStation Plus before, and while I’m not […]

  • Giveaway! Binverse, an all-in-one solution to Usenet

    If you have no idea what Usenet is, put simply, it’s a great service for finding and downloading digital content. It’s a lot like BitTorrent, with a few major differences: Usenet does not rely on “peers,” but rather central servers that the files are kept on (similar to 4Shared or FilesTube). However, instead of a […]

  • GIVEAWAY: Win a 3 month subscription of Slacker Premium Radio

    Only a few years ago, I couldn’t see an end to the music piracy/RIAA debacle. It would go something like this: A new music sharing application would emerge, it would be promptly used for illegal activities, and then the RIAA would roll in and hand out lawsuits which usually ended in the service being shut […]

  • Why I Left LastPass for 1Password

    There are very simple reasons why password security is so important: 1) We can now access most of our private, confidential information online (bank accounts, email, and social networks), and 2) We’re lazy. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad with that last point. I’m really lazy, too. For years, I used only a […]