Giveaway! Binverse, an all-in-one solution to Usenet

If you have no idea what Usenet is, put simply, it’s a great service for finding and downloading digital content. It’s a lot like BitTorrent, with a few major differences: Usenet does not rely on “peers,” but rather central servers that the files are kept on (similar to 4Shared or FilesTube). However, instead of a direct download, you first download the .NZB file (Usenet’s equivalent to a .torrent file) and then start downloading the actual content.

When you first get started with Usenet, you have to pick a Usenet service provider, a desktop download client and a place to search for and download .NZB files. All are different entities that you may or may not have to pay monthly fees for separately. However, Binverse is an all-in-one solution to Usenet, which means there’s no separate software that you have to install and there’s a search engine built right in. There are no .NZB files to mess with. You simply search for a file and click download.

So, if you happen to be new to the Usenet scene (like myself), Binverse makes it surprisingly simple to ease your way into it.

Binverse offers a three-day trial to their service. Afterward, you can get a Premium account for $29.98/month or pay for six months in advance for $16.65/month. You get unlimited downloads with no speed cap and SSL encryption included. While Binverse is a tad-bit more expensive than other quality Usenet providers, the all-in-one package that you get is certainly hard to beat.

Bonus Giveaway! Binverse was gracious enough to throw two invites at us to give away to our awesome readers!

Giveaway: How to Enter

Nobody likes a complicated giveaway, so to enter the contest, simply post a comment below. Just make sure to use a valid account, whether it be through your email address or your Twitter or Facebook account – we’ll need to contact you if you’re selected.

Entry will close at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, November 13th. Good luck!

Congratulations to Mark A. and Wprobins who were chosen in this giveaway!



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9 responses to “Giveaway! Binverse, an all-in-one solution to Usenet”

  1. Krysti Lesch Avatar
    Krysti Lesch

    What a great alternative, depending on their server content.

  2. Wprobins Avatar

    Good stuff.  Usenet is quick, easy and efficient and extremely functional.

    Good luck to everyone…best luck to me!

  3. Shawn Guillemette Avatar

    Might be tempted to move from my xsusenet 1mbit account

  4. camilia Avatar

    I would like to take part in the giveaway thanks

  5. Shane Burkle 伯贤 Avatar

    Usenet is wonderous. I miss it very much, and would like to give Binverse a try.

  6. ankur raj Avatar
    ankur raj

    Add me to the Giveaway

  7. Mark Ables Avatar
    Mark Ables

    I like FREE

  8. Lord_meshadieme Avatar

    Yes ive been trying to sift through many of the “free” usenet alternatives, its just a pain to only find good providers with “trial” hopefully this will be much better.

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