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  • Review: Minesweeper for Windows Phone 7

    Being the nerd that I am, I was excited to see Minesweeper see a release on WP7. Originally released for the Windows platform in 1990, this version manages to add some nice new features while staying faithful to the original.

  • Enjoy Mindless Gaming With SkyBurger for iOS

    Everyone loves Angry Birds, that is pretty clear.  The problem I have with Angry Birds is that it takes two hands to play – one hand to hold my iPod Touch and the other to slingshot those little feathered creatures across the screen.  Sometimes what I need is a game that takes very little skill […]

  • Android Game: Paper War for 2 Players

    Paper War for 2 Players is a brand new game for those of you using an Android device for all of your mobile needs. It’s the perfect game for passing time between you and a friend, assuming that you have those. Exclusively designed for two players (obviously), Paper War features a simplistic hand-drawn aesthetic which […]

  • Mobile Game Review: NBA Jam For iOS

    Boomshakalaka! Having grown up in the ’90s, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition is one of the many games I look back on fondly. Before the release of Goldeneye, NBA Jam is what my friends and I would play nonstop. Packed with outrageous dunks, an over-enthusiastic announcer, and violent gameplay that only vaguely follows the rules of […]

  • Emulators on Android: The Future of Past Gaming

    If you were born anytime after 1975, then you probably are familiar with console gaming.  And as a kid growing up in the decades following, it seemed that each new year gave us bigger and better gaming options:  NES became SNES, GameBoy turned into GameBoy Color and then GameBoy Advance, cartridges flattened into CDs, and Sega… well, […]

  • Midweek Fun: Nuke the Undead in Atom Zombie Smasher

    Indie developer Blendo Games released their latest game, Atom Zombie Smasher, a couple of days ago. With a name like that, how could the game possibly be bad? Atom Zombie Smasher, as the name implies, is all about smashing zombies. You are tasked with cleaning up your area’s zombie (or Zed, as the game calls […]

  • 7 Great Apps and Games for Android

    2010 was a great year for smartphones. Some of top used social networking apps and games on the Android system were Plume, Facebook, Youtube, and others. A little review for the apps are provided.

  • Make Gmail into a Carnival with 0Boxer, Earn Rewards for Being Productive

    Time to face hard facts: Checking your Gmail inbox is not the most enjoyable thing you do during the day.  To be honest, it can be quite boring, really.  Reading, replying, trashing, and repeat; it never ends.  Even using Priority Inbox doesn’t solve the mediocrity email sorting creates. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually get […]

  • Android App Roundup! Abduction! 2 (Game) and my6sense (magical RSS and social network reader)

    It’s been a while, but welcome again to another exciting edition of our Android App Roundup series! This time I’ll be showing you how you can kill some free time with Abduction! 2 while Evan explains how you can discover the best articles from your RSS feeds and social networks with my6sense. If there are […]

  • How Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel Can Help You Pretend to Work

    Procrastinating at work.  We’ve all done it at some point during the five day work week.  Whether it be surfing the blogs, catching up on favorite shows, or playing the unprecedented amount of free online games out there, we have all found different ways to break from the insanity called the eight hour workday. Subsequently, it is a known fact that when […]