Android Game: Paper War for 2 Players

Paper War for 2 Players is a brand new game for those of you using an Android device for all of your mobile needs. It’s the perfect game for passing time between you and a friend, assuming that you have those. Exclusively designed for two players (obviously), Paper War features a simplistic hand-drawn aesthetic which is perfected through its pen doodle visuals scribbled onto crumpled sketch paper. The games are obviously geared towards the popular pick-up-and-play mentality, providing the type of gaming that you can squeeze into 5 minute commutes or particularly long line ups.

Paper War

In Paper War you have the choice of three different gaming modes that all offer different controls and goals with the familiar red and blue pen-drawn animations.



In Anti-Aircraft, the goal is to shoot your opponent’s color of aircraft by pulling back with a finger on your gun to score points and ultimately win the battle. But beware of striking aircraft of your own color as the punishment is a momentary stun that may turn the tide of battle, and trust me, you are going to want to win.

Plane Smasher

Plane Smasher

In “Plane Smasher”, you tap various aircraft of your opponent’s on the screen to see them destroyed and gain more of those precious points. Can’t get much easier than that.

Cannon Battle

Cannon Battle

In “Cannon Battle”, you will take aim and fire upon your opponent’s cannon to destroy it for the win. If you are extra talented and a real sharp shooter, you can even blast your opponent’s missiles out of the air with one of your own to render them useless. It’s a welcome addition to an otherwise strategy-free game.

All in all, Paper War feels a little too simple for my liking, but it is enjoyable enough to play for smaller chunks of boredom that would otherwise be filled with mindless chatter about the weather and anything that can spare me from small talk is a winner in my books.



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