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  • Giveaway: Win 1 free month of PlayStation Plus

    After I was banned from the PlayStation Network and forced to create a new account, Sony made it clear that they still appreciate me as a customer. What does that mean for you? It means I have two one-month trials of PlayStation Plus to give away. I’ve covered PlayStation Plus before, and while I’m not […]

  • Midweek Fun! Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon In ‘Proun’

    A popular trend emerging in the world of independent gaming is the idea of gamers paying what they want for a game. It’s a daring move, but can pay off big for the developers. The Humble Bundle, which has gone through three iterations to date, has raised millions of dollars for developers and charities alike. […]

  • Free Online Sites that Help You Get Organized

    Since everything is online and available through our phones, USB flash drives and pens may as well be obsolete.  There are hundreds of online services nowadays available for free to help you productively organize, access, and share aspects your life.  Here are just a few that you may find useful: Mint: Organize your finances I’ve […]

  • Sparkfun’s Free Day: A Giveaway Meets a Server Stress Test

    Two hours – that is all it took for $150,000 to be given away on the internet.  Now for most of us, it seems very foolish to let $150,000 just be burned off like the fuse on a stick of dynamite.  But for the electronics prototyping distributor Sparkfun, it was a calculated, well-planned charity. This […]

  • Ninite: Easily, Sliently Install Free PC Software

    A newly installed computer is a great thing – it offers a clean slate, making your computer faster with no unnecessary software, no messed-up settings and no viruses. One thing that can be time consuming with your new computer is installing all of your favorite software applications.  Going out and downloading all of the individual […]

  • Great Deal: Buy Office 2007 Now, Get Free Upgrade to Office 2010 in June

    Microsoft Office 2010 is scheduled to release in June, but there’s no need to hold off from purchasing Office 2007 in the meantime. Microsoft recently announced free upgrades to Office 2010 if you purchase and activate an Office 2007 product between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010. Several qualifying Office 2007 products are listed […]

  • Using Speedfan To Check Your Computer’s Hardware Status

    I previously wrote how to use Speedfan to check your hard drive’s S.M.A.R.T information, but checking the health of your hard drive is actually a secondary feature of the Speedfan software.  Its main purpose is to provide you the real-time statuses of your hardware. Speedfan is free software for Windows that allows users to access […]

  • Create Custom Application Groups in Windows 7 with Jumplist Launcher

    One of the most noticeable additions to Windows 7 is the new Windows taskbar.  Not only does it group multiple application windows together, it also features “Jump Lists” which are quick-access menus that can be activated by right clicking a program’s icon. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to a program called Jumplist-Launcher which allows […]

  • Looking for Free Virus, Spyware, and Malware Protection? Try Microsoft Security Essentials

    Windows only:  Microsoft has just released the public version of their free virus, spyware, and malware protection suite dubbed Microsoft Security Essentials (the successor to their lesser-known Live OneCare product which offered similar features).  Security Essentials is a quick download and simple installation, giving users clear and easy-to-use indications whether your PC is secure or […]

  • How to Partition Your Hard Drive with Easeus Partition Master

    Most hard drives come with multiple partitions – which can be thought of as individual hard drives within your main hard drive – to separate a hard drive into multiple sections.  Partitions are very useful if you want to separate your operating system from your documents (allows for easier OS reinstallation), and most manufacturers include […]