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  • Mobile apps for business are on the rise

    Mobile apps for business are on the rise

    In today’s app stores, there are thousands, if not millions of downloading choices. There are games, reward programs, platforms to help keep us up on sports, and other options most have yet to discover. With all this success, the professional field has begun to take notice. No more are apps only for-fun, now users can […]

  • Why I think businesses will ignore Windows 8

    Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning; I’m no Microsoft hater. I’ve designed networks around Windows for many years and happily supported them. I have many client companies going about their business with no Apple products or Linux boxes in sight. But, I’m going to stick my neck out on one thing: I think […]

  • Why Microsoft is wrong to discontinue Small Business Server

    As an IT consultant who delivers services to small and medium businesses, I have spent a vast amount of time with Microsoft’s Small Business Server product range. Early versions of SBS (the original “Back Office” incarnation and SBS 2000) had various quirks and problems. Since SBS 2003, however, Small Business Server has been a refined, solid […]

  • Microsoft Office 365: Reasons for Caution

    I came very close to calling this article “Why Office 365 Sucks.” I refrained from doing so because I think the cloud-based office collaboration suite CAN be a good fit for some small businesses. However, as an IT consultant working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), I will think very carefully before I let it […]

  • The year of the Angry Bird, and what’s next for Rovio

    Rovio, developer of the immensely popular Angry Birds series, announced that their earnings for 2011 topped $100 million resulting in over $65 million in net profit, up from approximately $10 million in revenue from 2010. Merchandise sales alone accounted for 30 percent of that. Those numbers don’t even include their newest, record-breaking creation, Angry Birds Space, […]

  • Netflix Pulls The Plug On Qwikster Service

    Remember a few weeks ago when Netflix decided to split its instant streaming and DVD-by-mail services into two separate entities and introduced Qwikster? A lot of people were pretty peeved, to say the least, and it looks like Netflix has finally received the message. Basically, Netflix was going to move the DVD-by-mail service into a […]