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  • How to Close Pidgin Chat Windows with the Escape Key

    Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) is a free, multi-protocol instant messaging application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Pidgin is highly customizable and supports popular instant messaging networks like Google Talk, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Chat, and can connect to services like Facebook Chat through plugins (or directly through the XMPP messaging protocol). In recent […]

  • How to Enable Windows 7′s “Aero Snap” Feature in Earlier Versions of Windows

    One of my favorite features in Windows 7 is Aero Snap, which automatically resizes and snaps applications to the sides of your screen when you drag them near.  If you’ve got several windows open on one screen, this is a great way to manage your space (and I’ve learned it’s even more useful when working […]

  • Windows XP Tip: How to Rearrange Applications in the Windows Taskbar

    If you have several applications open simultaneously in Windows XP, you may find yourself wishing you could rearrange their order like tabs in your browser.  This feature isn’t included in Windows XP by default, but you can easily add it with Taskbar Shuffle. Taskbar Shuffle is a tiny application that quietly sits in your system […]

  • Time to Upgrade: Microsoft Ending Support of Windows XP SP2 July 13th

    Windows XP, our beloved operating system of the last decade and a savior from previous operating systems such as Windows 2000 and ME, will no longer be supported by Microsoft on July 13th, 2010.  This doesn’t mean that your computer will suddenly stop working that day or you’ll immediately be swarmed by viruses, but it […]

  • What To Do if McAfee Virus Scan Update 5958 Crashes Your Windows XP Computer (or destroys svchost.exe)

    You’ve probably heard about it already – a recent update to McAfee Virus Scan update caused the program to unintentionally damage Windows system files.  Symptoms include (but are not limited to): Loss of internet connection Can’t copy and paste Can’t drag and drop files Missing task bar/Start menu This problem can render your computer completely […]

  • Fix: What To Do if Removing a Virus Blocks Executable (.EXE) Files From Opening

    I have recently observed that after removing certain fake anti-spyware viruses (such as “Windows Security Center” or “Anti Virus 2010″), all executable (.exe) files will no longer open.  No matter what file you try to open – iTunes, Firefox, or even Malwarebytes – they will not open because they are all .exe files. To fix […]

  • Fix: Windows XP Gets Blue Screen Error after Windows Update (KB977165)

    A recent Windows Update (KB977165) for Windows XP caused many computers to experience Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors when the computer restarted after the update.  The cause of the blue screen wasn’t just the update, but rather a rootkit (a form of malware) which had been present on the users’ machines prior to the […]

  • How to Install Flash Player Updates on Citrix/XP/Terminal Servers

    Anybody who has had to deal with Citrix servers knows that it’s a pain getting anything installed without affecting end-users.  Adobe Flash Player is no different – it must be installed a specific way to make it work properly without getting the dreaded “Application was installed previously with administrative permissions, please install again” error. Procedure […]

  • How to Rebroadcast a Weak Wifi Signal

    There may be a time when you have access to a wireless network in one part of your house, but just can’t get it anywhere else.  This isn’t a big deal if you own the network (you can buy another access point or wireless repeater), but if you don’t own the network, this guide will […]

  • How To: Mount Images (ISO Files) in Windows XP with a Small, Free Microsoft App

    Windows XP:  If you have ever downloaded a disk image (ISO file), you likely burned it to a CD or DVD and put it in your optical drive.  Well, image files don’t necessarily need to be burned to physical media – they can be mounted “virtually” in your operating system and be used just the […]