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  • How to make your Windows tablet look like Windows Phone 7

    I recently noticed that when I told people I bought an ASUS EP121 Eee Slate tablet PC with Windows 7, they usually asked me “What do you do for easy access to nifty apps and news and stuff?” And sadly, it was a question I could not easily answer without adding sarcasm or criticism (a […]

  • Launcher 7 Brings the Windows Phone 7 Experience To Android

    Windows Phone 7 may not have caught on like Microsoft was hoping it would, but it does present some interesting ideas. One of those is its minimalist, tile-based homescreen. Thanks to the wonders of Android, you can now get that same experience on your Android phone with Launcher 7. Windows Phone 7 (and by proxy […]

  • Is Nokia building a Google Wallet competitor?

    Is Nokia building a Google Wallet competitor?

    Nokia has alluded to a Near Field Communication (NFC) driven wallet app for a long time, but is it finally almost here? According to NFC Rumors, Nokia is in talks with JP Morgan to bring an NFC payment app to Windows Phones and possibly devices powered by Symbian, their home brew OS. Nokia is still the reigning […]

  • Windows Phone 7: Where’s my Browser?

    With the release of the Mango update back in September, Microsoft undoubtedly improved Internet Explorer on their Windows Phone platform. WP7 now features a full-fledged version of IE9 designed specifically mobile devices, which is leaps and bounds ahead of the browser that was available before the update. However, many WP7 users like me would love […]

  • A Windows Phone and My Mother: A Perfect Match?

    It’s that time again. Yep, I am of course talking about contract renewal day for the family cellphone plan. For me and my sister, the phone choices are pretty obvious (an Android for me and an iPhone for her). But once mom starts talking smartphone, the whole cellular arena starts to get a little grey. […]

  • Review: Minesweeper for Windows Phone 7

    Being the nerd that I am, I was excited to see Minesweeper see a release on WP7. Originally released for the Windows platform in 1990, this version manages to add some nice new features while staying faithful to the original.

  • Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Has Officially Been RTM’d

    Windows Phone “Mango” has officially been RTM’d. What’s RTM? It means that Microsoft has given the new build its stamp of approval and released it to the manufacturers. Once it’s in the hands of companies like Samsung, HTC, LG and others, the finished software will go through rigorous testing and configurations to make things run […]

  • Review: Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 7

    Overall, the official Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 is a great app, providing all of the functionality you would expect from Twitter.com. While I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time with competing apps, this one more than whets my tweeting whistle.

  • Windows Phone 7: A Guided Tour

    Windows Phone 7 is the most refreshing take on a smartphone OS to date. I find iOS to be awkwardly simple, with little innovation or interest generated by the operating system itself. Instead, Apple relies on its App Store and solid hardware to keep the customer’s attention. Android has its established fan base that appreciate […]

  • Don’t be Interesting, Be More Interesting than Every Person I’ve Ever Met

    “I don’t have to be more interesting than you. I don’t have to be more interesting than your friends. I have to be more interesting than your phone; more interesting than ALL the friends you’ve ever had.” Nick Douglas nailed one of the biggest problems we have with modern social interactions in a recent YouTube rant (note: brief NSFW […]