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  • Is the 4th generation iPad worth the upgrade?

    Is the 4th generation iPad worth the upgrade?

    Apple’s announcement¬†of the 4th generation iPad (officially named “iPad with Retina Display”) on October 23 was a big surprise to consumers; just a mere 6 months ago the 3rd generation was introduced basically now making that obsolete. As expected this annoyed recent iPad buyers who thought they had time before a new introduction. Many consumers […]

  • Make Upgrading Your Fedora System Easier with PreUpgrade

    Keeping with their six-month release cycle, Fedora 13 – codename Goddard – was released on Tuesday. Upgrading your Fedora installs can be a time-consuming process if you’re using the downloaded DVD.¬† Reinstalling can also take time considering you will need to backup and restore your system. PreUpgrade is a utility that simplifies the Fedora upgrade […]

  • Great Deal: Buy Office 2007 Now, Get Free Upgrade to Office 2010 in June

    Microsoft Office 2010 is scheduled to release in June, but there’s no need to hold off from purchasing Office 2007 in the meantime. Microsoft recently announced free upgrades to Office 2010 if you purchase and activate an Office 2007 product between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010. Several qualifying Office 2007 products are listed […]

  • How to Install Flash Player Updates on Citrix/XP/Terminal Servers

    Anybody who has had to deal with Citrix servers knows that it’s a pain getting anything installed without affecting end-users.¬† Adobe Flash Player is no different – it must be installed a specific way to make it work properly without getting the dreaded “Application was installed previously with administrative permissions, please install again” error. Procedure […]