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  • Prepare for the upcoming Google Reader shutdown with 5 alternatives

    In an effort to consolidate its services, Google Reader shuts down on July 1, 2013. The rise and growth of Google+ has seen a bunch of shutdowns and we can expect to see more as the company looks to focus more on its key products. With Google Reader gone, it is time to look for […]

  • WordPress: How to Fix Author RSS Feeds with the FD Feedburner Plugin

    If you run a WordPress-based website and offer RSS feeds to your readers, the WordPress plugin FD Feedburner is invaluable. This plugin automatically redirects any RSS feed on your website to the correct Feedburner feed with very simple configuration. One problem with FD Feedburner is that it doesn’t support individual author RSS feeds. Since we […]

  • Android App Roundup! Abduction! 2 (Game) and my6sense (magical RSS and social network reader)

    It’s been a while, but welcome again to another exciting edition of our Android App Roundup series! This time I’ll be showing you how you can kill some free time with Abduction! 2 while Evan explains how you can discover the best articles from your RSS feeds and social networks with my6sense. If there are […]

  • How to Fix Chrome’s Broken RSS Feed Handling

    If you’ve ever tried opening an RSS feed in Google Chrome, you may have been dismayed to find that it does a horrible job of handling them.  RSS feeds (like ours) are meant to provide an easy subscription method to a website, allowing you to view your favorite websites all in one place with an […]

  • Android App Roundup: ‘NewsRob’ (RSS Reader) and ‘4 teh birds’ (Game)

    Dearest Android readers:  Thanks to a fantastic suggestion, Kevin and I are starting a weekly feature about some of our favorite Android apps.  We’ll be covering apps we love, apps that improve our phones, games, and newly-released apps that are worth checking out. If you have any suggestions, hit either of us on Twitter, send […]

  • How to Create Custom RSS Feeds for Specific Subjects or Authors with Yahoo Pipes

    Now that I’m writing for both Techerator and MakeUseOf, I wanted an easy way to publish links to articles I’ve written on my personal website.  In the past, I’ve also wanted to create custom RSS feeds for specific topics or authors I enjoy reading, instead of subscribing to the full “firehose” of a popular site’s […]

  • How To: Make The Most Of Your Bookmarks In Firefox

    Bookmarks have evolved from the static entries they once were, and with the right Firefox add-ons you can get the most out of your bookmarks.  Listed below are a couple add-ons that will get you started with improving your bookmarking experience in Firefox. Live Bookmarks Often an overlooked feature, Firefox’s Live Bookmarks feature allows you to […]

  • WordPress Fix: How to Properly Align Images in RSS Feeds

    One of the only complaints I’ve ever had about WordPress is that images didn’t maintain alignment in our RSS feed.  RSS feeds are used to offer subscriptions to visitors and can be used with applications like Google Reader. When adding an image to an article in WordPress, you have the option to align it on […]