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  • DD-WRT: Password Protect Your Status Page To Increase Network Security

    DD-WRT is an excellent firmware alternative for your network router, whether your router is used at home for at your business.  One of my favorite features of DD-WRT is the router status page, shown below.  The DD-WRT status page is very useful for looking at real-time information. This status page is shown by default when […]

  • How To Use A Router as a Wireless Adapter Without NAT

    In a previous article I showed you how it is possible to use a wireless router and 3rd party firmware as a wireless adapter.  While the information in that guide is still relevant to most users, the steps provided create a limitation for more advanced users. In the previous guide, any devices connected as clients […]

  • Fix: Apple’s Mini DisplayPort Wireless Internet Connection Problem

    Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models feature a Mini DisplayPort for connecting external monitors. While the new connection is in many ways much better than a full-sized DVI or even DisplayPort, there have been recent reports of problems with wireless internet connections. When connecting an external monitor through the Mini DisplayPort, the Airport wireless signal drops […]

  • Control Your Linux System With A Web Interface

    Administrating a Linux system is sometimes thought to be a task reserved for the command-line-savvy individuals.  While Linux does provide other means of administration such as various desktop environments and VNC (Virtual Network Computing), these means can sometimes be difficult for users to setup. Webmin is a web interface for Linux that can provide a […]

  • Wireless Security Tip: Secure Your Wireless Internet

    If you have your own wireless internet connection, it might be unsecured (meaning that you don’t have to type in a password to access it) or it may be using WEP encryption.  There are several important reasons why you should encrypt your internet (or switch from WEP encryption to a stronger method such as WPA […]

  • How to Rebroadcast a Weak Wifi Signal

    There may be a time when you have access to a wireless network in one part of your house, but just can’t get it anywhere else.  This isn’t a big deal if you own the network (you can buy another access point or wireless repeater), but if you don’t own the network, this guide will […]

  • Tomato Firmware: Increased Transmit Power Does More Harm Than Good?

    Currently, I run four routers, all part of the WRT54G/GL/GS series, that allow a house to receive wireless internet.  These routers provide sufficient, although not yet ideal, coverage for the house.   Since the WRT54G/GL/GS routers are built on a Linux framework, they are easily upgraded to more powerful firmware, such as the Tomato Firmware available […]