Control Your Linux System With A Web Interface

webmin-logoAdministrating a Linux system is sometimes thought to be a task reserved for the command-line-savvy individuals.  While Linux does provide other means of administration such as various desktop environments and VNC (Virtual Network Computing), these means can sometimes be difficult for users to setup.

Webmin is a web interface for Linux that can provide a simple and easy-to-use solution to your Linux administration needs.

Using Webmin

Start by downloading the correct Webmin package for your system from  Install the download package for your system.

When the package has been installed, you can access the Webmin interface locally by opening your browser and entering the address show below.

http://localhost:10000 or http://YourSystemNameHere:10000

Login with root and the root password for your system.  To access the Webmin web interface from anywhere other than the local system, you will need to open the port in your firewall and/or configure your router for port forwarding.  You can visit for help with port forwarding on your router.

When you first login, you will be greeted with some basic system information shown in the picture below:


Webmin offers control over almost every aspect of administration of your Linux system.  A complete list of Webmin modules can be found at the Webmin wiki.  Some of the different areas that Webmin can control are shown below:


Webmin is a great way to administrate your Linux system.  What has been your experience with Webmin?  Would you recommend it to others?  Let us know by commenting below.



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