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  • How to record amazing videos with a point-and-shoot camera

    Let’s say you want to be the next Peter Jackson or George Lucas. That’s far from realistic, but let’s say you just want to be a film-making hobbyist and don’t exactly have the budget for a decent video camera and all of the accompanying equipment. After all, it can literally add up to thousands of dollars. Just […]

  • Create an Instant Photo Gallery with DropMocks and min.us

    Create an Instant Photo Gallery with DropMocks and min.us

    Sometimes, people like to make things a little more complicated than they need to be. One of those things is creating an online photo gallery. Most people when they want to post their photos online will turn to Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook. There’s nothing wrong with any of them, but sometimes you just need a […]

  • Tag Your Friends’ Faces in Picasa for Easy Photo Organization

    Picasa is a free application from Google that lets you easily edit and manage your entire photo collection.  Picasa offers many useful features like geotagging, web albums, and powerful-yet-simple photo editing (I love the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button). One problem with large photo collections is that it can become extremely difficult to find pictures of […]

  • How to Download and Backup Pictures from an LG Dare Mobile Phone (VX9700)

    I recently decided to part ways with my old LG Dare phone (VX9700), but before I got rid of it I wanted to back up the pictures that were still stored in its memory.  Unfortunately, you can’t just plug the device into a computer and make copies, and it takes a long time to send […]