How to Download and Backup Pictures from an LG Dare Mobile Phone (VX9700)

I recently decided to part ways with my old LG Dare phone (VX9700), but before I got rid of it I wanted to back up the pictures that were still stored in its memory.  Unfortunately, you can’t just plug the device into a computer and make copies, and it takes a long time to send each picture from the phone one at a time.  This guide will show you how to quickly backup your pictures from your LG Dare.

Step 1: Download and install BitPim.  This is incredibly useful software that lets you access your phone’s file system and we’ll be using it in this guide to backup your pictures.  BitPim is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Step 2: Connect your LG Dare phone to your computer with a micro USB cable.  Open BitPim and go to Edit –> Detect Phone.  BitPim should quickly identify your phone which you can verify in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click Filesystem in the bottom left of Bitpim, then open up the / folder tree in the next column.

Step 4: Locate and expand the folder mmc1, then click my_pix.  You should see a list of all your pictures in this directory, which will have numeric file names and end with .jpg.  Right click the mmc1 folder and select Backup entire tree…

This process can take a very long time depending on how many pictures you have on your phone.  You can monitor its progress by looking at the status bar. Be sure not to use the phone or the program while it says BUSY in the bottom left.

Step 5: When BitPim is finished backing up the files, a dialog box will pop up where you can specify the location you would like to save the files.  The files will be stored in a compressed .zip folder.

That’s it!  Your pictures are now copied from your LG Dare to your computer.

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11 responses to “How to Download and Backup Pictures from an LG Dare Mobile Phone (VX9700)”

  1. Erikwalton Avatar

    nothing appears anything like “file system” I want to get my pix of this damn fone… it sux rotten eggs.. how do I get my pics off with decent definition? thnx!

  2. Evan Wondrasek Avatar

    What options do you have on the left side of the screen?

  3. TCDub Avatar

    I had the same issue as you Erik. You have to perform at Get Data from Phone action. Click Data–>Get Phone Data. A menu should come up with a list of items you want to get from the phone. Make sure you select [Images]. Click OK. It should work perfectly. It did for me.

    1. Jayteneyck Avatar

      No option to select images in the popup box. Cant seem to get it to work. Any other suggestions?

      1. nmiron Avatar

        I have the same issue as Jayteneyck and Erik. No option to select FileSystem and Images. Check out the printScreen. Please help me to back up my pictures from this phone !

  4. Kaitlyn Avatar

    I love you… haha that’s all. My touch screen stopped working and I had no idea how to get the pictures from my puppy’s first year off. I felt like the worst Electrical and Computer Engineer ever to grace this earth. haha

  5. NotHappy Avatar

    Didn’t work for me 😐

  6. Steveburgess Avatar

    When I go to mmc1 I don’t see my pixs. What can I do?


  7. this isn't working Avatar
    this isn’t working

    you don’t go to mmc1 then my pix

    you go to brew > mod > 10888

    My problem is, I can’t access the .zips. There’s a little lock symbol on the icon and I can’t open it or extract the files 🙁

  8. LuLu Avatar

    Just wondering if it is possible to do a back up assistant on an LG Dare after the touch screen has gone out? Can you do it through voice commands? Can a Verizon dealer do it?

  9. Akira Avatar

    My phone wont connect! i cant even pass step 2!!

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