Tag: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  • Windows Security Tip: Enable Windows Firewall

    Having your computer on any network, whether wired or wireless, subjects it to a countless number of security attacks everyday.  These attacks are an attempt to breach the security of your connection to collect information or damage your computer.  Since the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has included the Windows Firewall in it’s operating system.  […]

  • Wireless Security Tip: Secure Your Wireless Internet

    If you have your own wireless internet connection, it might be unsecured (meaning that you don’t have to type in a password to access it) or it may be using WEP encryption.  There are several important reasons why you should encrypt your internet (or switch from WEP encryption to a stronger method such as WPA […]

  • Have a Virus? Let Malwarebytes Help

    It can happen to anyone:  You turn on your computer and log in, only to find pop-up advertisements, search bars, a changed desktop background, and many screens warning that you may be infected with a virus. One sign that you have been infected with a virus (or what can be referred to as malware) is […]

  • Security Week at Techerator

    October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Techerator is participating by running a week-long series of computer and internet security related articles.  We’ll be posting tips and guides about safely using your computer, avoiding viruses/malware, recommended antivirus programs, and what to do when you’ve been infected. Check out our special National Cybersecurity Awareness Month series […]

  • Preventing Viruses Part 1: Email Viruses

    When you think of a computer virus, you might imagine a hacker in a dimly-lit room deliberately targeting your computer with malicious software.  While that might happen in movies, real viruses are nearly autonomous and are constantly scanning the internet seeking vulnerable software and hardware.  As soon as they find a viable target, they infect […]