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  • How to Play Ogg Vorbis Files from the Linux Command Line

    If you’re a dedicated user of free and open source software, chances are your dedication goes beyond just software. You probably try to use as many open file formats as you can. Document formats, video formats, and audio formats. Especially audio formats. In the world of free and open source software, a popular format is […]

  • Songbird Media Player: Still Available For Linux

    Back in April, the developers of the open-source application Songbird announced that they would be dropping official support for the Linux version of the media player. This was a huge shock to the open-source community. When version 1.7 of Songbird was released, only Windows and Mac versions were available for download. To my surprise, Sondbird […]

  • How to Enable Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling in Windows Media Player 12

    One thing I noticed while using the new Windows Media Player 12 (which comes pre-installed with Windows 7) was that the options to enable crossfading and auto volume leveling appeared to be missing. After doing a little searching, I found that the options were still available but they were now hidden in an unusual location. […]

  • Songbird: The Firefox of Media Players

    Songbird, built by former Winamp, Netscape, and Firefox designers and developers, is fast on it’s way to becoming a large competitor in the media player category.  The free and open source Songbird has been in development since early 2006. Recently released by the Songbird team is version 1.4.2 of the Songbird media player.  Although Songbird […]