Songbird Media Player: Still Available For Linux

Back in April, the developers of the open-source application Songbird announced that they would be dropping official support for the Linux version of the media player. This was a huge shock to the open-source community. When version 1.7 of Songbird was released, only Windows and Mac versions were available for download.

To my surprise, Sondbird for Linux is still available for download with unofficial support.  This has been made possible by extra work from developers and the software community.

Downloading Songbird for Linux

To download the Linux version of Songbird navigate to the Songbird Developer’s Wiki.  On the Contributed Builds page, select either the 32-bit or 64-bit version and download the tarball.

Once downloaded, extract the files and copy the Songbird folder to anywhere you wish.  I usually put software into /opt but you generally need root access to do that.

To start Songbird you can double-click the file named songbird or execute “sh /path/to/Songbird/songbird” from the terminal.

The main software dependency required by Songbird is gstreamer.  If you’re running Songbird on a mainstream Linux distribution like Fedora or Ubuntu, you shouldn’t have any problems running Songbird as gstreamer should already be installed.

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