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  • The Best New Features in OS X Mountain Lion

    Apple has officially launched OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and there are a ton of new features in this latest release, including an integrated notification center, better iCloud support, and Messages. Here’s a quick breakdown of these new features, as well as a few other notable additions. Notification Center If you use iOS 5 on your […]

  • How to insert frequently written text on a Mac with TypeIt4Me

    Like many people, I find myself having to type the same bits of text many times throughout my working week. Various applications already have ways of reducing the labor involved in this. For example, email clients have auto-signatures and word processors have automatic text facilities. The Mac OS X operating system itself is strong when […]

  • What Apple could possibly announce at WWDC 2012

    Well, it’s official. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will be held from June 11 to 15 in San Francisco this year and it’s going to be a packed house; tickets were sold out two hours after availability when 5,000 anxious developers quickly coughed up $1,600 per ticket. WWDC is one of the company’s biggest events –if not the biggest– […]

  • Apple’s Natural Scrolling Feature Catches On

    Apple’s introduction of “natural scrolling” with OS X Lion was a controversial move. Apple effectively decided that computer users had for years been scrolling the wrong way around. They changed things so that, by default, OS X Lion users would “push” content up to move it up the screen, and “pull” it down to move […]

  • Make your Mac More Like Windows 7 with HyperDock

    I’m a Mac, but I used to be a PC. (Just in case you haven’t seen them, I am referring to the popular series of TV adverts comparing the Apple and Microsoft ways of doing things.) This is an app review, so it’s not the place for a Mac vs. Windows debate. For the sake […]