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  • How to identify planes and planets with your mobile phone

    Last Saturday found our family sitting outside on a warm evening, relaxing after a barbecue. The sky was so clear that we were able to clearly make out two contrails and the shape of an aircraft. This was way above our heads and clearly not a plane using the local airport. While my relatives discussed […]

  • Inside Apple’s USB Power Adapters

    If you own an iPhone, you most likely are in possession of Apple’s 5W USB power adapter, a great little contraption that charges your iPhone via a wall outlet using your normal USB cable. From the face of it, it’s a fairly elementary device. It simply takes alternating current from the wall and turns it […]

  • Is using Apple’s Cards app too impersonal?

    Apple recently came out with Cards, an iOS app that allows you to create and customize real greeting cards and send them out to your loved ones for only $2.99 per card, all of which happens through the app. Apple completely takes care of the postage, prints the cards out, and then snail-mails them for […]

  • What Apple could possibly announce at WWDC 2012

    Well, it’s official. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will be held from June 11 to 15 in San Francisco this year and it’s going to be a packed house; tickets were sold out two hours after availability when 5,000 anxious developers quickly coughed up $1,600 per ticket. WWDC is one of the company’s biggest events –if not the biggest– […]

  • My iPhone 5 Wish List

    I crossed the line into full-on Apple addiction a few weeks ago. Not satisfied to wait and watch Apple’s iPad keynote speech after the event, I tuned in to a live blogcast, followed the tweets and photographs as they happened, and waited eagerly to find out about what the “one other thing” bit at the […]

  • Becoming a daring beer explorer with BrewGene for iOS and Android

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed at a liquor store when you’re faced with literally an entire wall of beer? On one hand, you can grab the old standby you’ve grabbed 100 times before and know you’ll like it. But on the other, there are 20 or 30 other kinds you have yet to try that […]

  • Is Apple Turning OS X into iOS?

    Last week saw Apple announcing the arrival of the latest Mac OS X revision, Mountain Lion, which will be released later this year. Apple’s website clearly states that Mountain Lion will have “all new features, inspired by the iPad.” These include the Game Center, Notification Center, and system-wide Twitter integration that already exists on iDevices. […]

  • iTriage helps people find medical care on their mobile phones

    iTriage helps people find medical care on their mobile phones

    There are mobile apps that will help you improve your  health, but what about when you’re sick or injured?  You need to know what is wrong with you and where to get it treated (probably more important). The iTriage app for Android, iOS, and Palm will help you diagnosis what ails you. If you don’t […]

  • Valve Releases Steam Mobile App for Android and iOS

    Steam, Valve’s powerhouse digital distribution service for PC and Mac, is finally making its way to mobile devices. Don’t get too excited yet, though, they aren’t selling any mobile specific games. Instead, the Steam mobile app acts as a much-needed mobile portal for the multitude of services Steam offers. Getting logged in is as simple […]

  • HTML5 and the Future of Mobile Apps and Gaming

    HTML5 will change the way we view mobile apps, and will change the way we think about how software has to be viewed on a mobile device. It will even change the way we view desktop applications. HTML5 is the biggest game changer since Apple’s App Store. But if what I am saying is right, […]