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  • How to Scale Images While Retaining Aspect Ratio in Paint.NET

    Paint.NET is one of the best applications for editing images in Windows, and can do almost every standard task you’d do in the infinitely-more-expensive Photoshop. The best part? It is completely free. The only downside is that it’s a little trickier to do standard tasks, so in this guide I’ll show you how to resize images […]

  • How To: Easily Resize Images in Windows

    Windows only:  If you’re like me, you’ve needed to resize batches of images and wished there was an easy way to do so without launching a full image editor.  Although Paint.NET and Picasa offer quick image editing, neither of them add resizing functionality to your operating system. Image Resizer Powertoy Clone provides the solution, adding […]

  • Turn Your Digital Media into Web Video with Stupeflix Studio

    French startup Stupeflix has just launched Stupeflix Studio which aims to turn your digital media into something more meaningful.  Stupeflix Studio lets you easily create web videos from your own pictures and videos to showcase your digital artwork, create scrapbooks, or send personal video greetings. To get started, create a free account and you’ll be […]

  • Aviary Makes Online Image Capturing and Editing Easy

    One problem I have come across again and again online has been the struggle of how to capture screenshots of web pages to show my friends, co-workers, or family.  Stumbling upon the relatively new Aviary.com was the solution to that very problem.  Aviary.com is one of the most significant websites I’ve seen in a while.  […]