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  • How to make a DIY smartphone stand for under $1

    Smartphone stands are a great way to watch content on your phone without having to hold the phone upright, and there are a ton of different DIY methods for making them. A lot of them are made so that they’ll hold your phone horizontally, but some users want stands that prop up their phones vertically, […]

  • How to install a SSD in a MacBook Pro

    Upgrading your computer with a solid-state hard drive is probably one of the most beneficial upgrades you could make. Boot-up times decrease tremendously and programs launch almost instantly. I finally made the plunge to an SSD recently and haven’t looked back. However, many of the how-to guides that I needed in order to properly install […]

  • How to make a DIY laptop stand for $8

    A laptop stand is a great thing to have if you’re working at a desk. It not only allows your laptop to breath more easily and run cooler (since it’s propped up), but it also makes your setup more ergonomic by having your laptop’s display at eye level. You can buy laptop stands pretty much […]

  • How to thoroughly clean your keyboard

    After realizing that I’ve never cleaned my Logitech K340 keyboard since I got it a couple of years ago, I’ve been wondering what kind of hidden infestation lied underneath those keys. And I’m about to find out as I venture my way towards a clean keyboard. Knowing our readers here at Techerator, we’d assume that […]

  • Set up your own professional podcast studio for less than $175

    Whether you run a blog and want to add a podcast or just want to start up a podcast from scratch, it’s very possible to set up your own podcast studio for a relatively low budget while still making it sound and look professional. Obviously, you can simply connect a headset to your computer, fire […]

  • How to Create an Audio Podcast with Professional-Quality Sound

    How to Create an Audio Podcast with Professional-Quality Sound

    Podcasting is a fun and increasingly popular form of online entertainment that has seen steady gains in the number of viewers in recent years. Companies like TWiT and Revision 3, homes of Leo LaPorte and Kevin Rose of Tech TV fame, have shown that fully web-hosted television is a viable business model. Interestingly, many of […]

  • How to Make Money Online: Elance.com

    In the last episode of “How to make money online” I covered possibilities offered from being a Cha Cha guide. Well, since then not a lot has changed. I still enjoy money, still have none, and I am still very fond of sitting on my couch. Since then, I’ve done a little research, a little experimenting, […]

  • How To: Find Large Files On Your Hard Drive With WinDirStat

    Have you noticed that you hard drive space has decreased and don’t know what files are taking up the space?  If so, you can use WinDirStat to help find those large files taking up space on your drive. To start, download WinDirStat from http://windirstat.info/.  You can select either the installation download or the standalone executable.  […]

  • How To: Quickly Open Accidentally Closed Tabs in Firefox

    Firefox only:  Tabbed browsing in Firefox is incredibly useful and can improve your entire browsing experience; recovering an accidentally closed tab, however, isn’t particularly intuitive. Firefox does keep a record of your recently closed tabs (which are available under History –> Recently Closed Tabs), but this guide will show you how to recover a closed […]

  • WordPress Fix: How to Properly Align Images in RSS Feeds

    One of the only complaints I’ve ever had about WordPress is that images didn’t maintain alignment in our RSS feed.  RSS feeds are used to offer subscriptions to visitors and can be used with applications like Google Reader. When adding an image to an article in WordPress, you have the option to align it on […]